Where Are You Trying To Get To?

Take time to notice where you are rushing to be.

Are you in a hurry thinking you don’t have enough time and have many things to do?

Are you looking to the future in hopes it is better than where you are now?

Are you running from your past?

Notice what you believe is more important than the present moment you are in now.

Notice the chatter in your head when you think about being in the present moment. That is, your ego is running your life.

Decide now that you want to be in charge of how your life goes, not the stories, the beliefs that you can’t slow down now, that you have too much to do.

The peace and joy in life come when you allow yourself to be in the moment.

Think about when you are on vacation or doing something you love. You probably don’t think of anything else but enjoying what is happening.

Too often, you are letting schedules and past patterns run your life. You feel like a victim to them. They are controlling you. Yes, schedules and patterns can help you flow more easily. But too often, you feel the pressure of needing more time or never being enough.

How could you be willing to let go of old beliefs and think about needing to be somewhere else?

How could you trust that life is perfectly orchestrated for you?

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to become conscious of how life is robbing you of peace and contentment. Once you notice the area of frustration, see the voice you are hearing. It often has to do with thinking you have to do something more or different or be someplace else. Ask if that is the truth. Pause and listen.

How often are you noticing the miracles around you? The millions of ways life flows naturally without you worrying or trying to take charge?

How can you honor all of that? Stay present, alert, and serene.

Begin today by being more present in all the ways life flows with ease and grace.

Remember, what you focus on, you receive more of.

Life will take care of you as you cherish and notice all the ways life supports you as you stay present in how life unfolds for you.

How can you be more present now, later, and tomorrow?