Where Are You Vibing Right Now?

You are in charge of your life. I know it can be easy to forget you are responsible for how your life goes.

What’s your mindset as you begin your day? As it ends?

What would it take to live in Higher energy, the Universal Life Force?

What kind of attitude do you have as you go throughout your day? The good, the challenges, and the mundane.

Decide that each day, you are going to notice where you are vibing.

Ask, what is directing your energy today? Are you worried or feeling pressure? Worrying is creating something you do not want.

Are you on top of the world? Maybe you just received a promotion, or did something you valued happen.

Be willing to make the changes to get on the vibrational train you desire.

Think of it as easy as changing your radio station or television channel.

Use imagery. You know, when you are driving, and the radio becomes fuzzy or static, all you do is adjust a little. Do the same with your life.

The Universe intends that you live in joy, love, and peace. The Universe intended you to receive lots of goodness and abundance.

Stop for a moment and see how much joy, love, and peace you are feeling. Maybe that’s how you shift your vibration. Find ways to add more of those qualities to your life. As you interact with others, as you plan your day.

Today, I am open to seeing things differently.

Raise your consciousness so you can receive all the goodness life offers.

It’s up to you. The small things will ultimately have you at the Highest vibrations.

As Maria Shriver shared in her Sunday Paper on January 28th, “So many of us are walking around living half a life and feeling disconnected from ourselves. So many of us have extinguished parts of ourselves simply to make it through, to survive.”

Where are you on that spectrum?

Feel your vibration, your energy.

Observe how you are in your day and all throughout your day. How are you feeling? If it feels great, keep doing that, being in that energy. You will see more minutes, hours, and days like that.

If a conversation feels crazy and unlike what you want, don’t stay in it. Listen to that. It lowers your vibration.

You have control.

Pick yourself up. Decide you can do something different. Decide to make a difference by picking someone up, maybe even yourself.

Think about how you treat yourself. Where does that take you on the vibrational scale?

Where’s your grit?

What are you doing to build inner strength?

What’s blocking you from living more, living Higher, and living more joyfully?

Are you focused more on wellness or illness?

Where are most of your conversations – about the great things life is showing you or about the horrors you heard from the media?

John Rogers, DSS shared a great quote, “It is important that you do not carry over negative thoughts from one day to the next. If you go to bed and there is still a negative thought within your mind, get up and write it all out, and then burn the paper. This will help release it from your consciousness. If the thought comes back in the next day, repeat this process. Keep it up until the thought dissolves.”
Where are you vibing right now?

Find ways to align your life with a bit more goodness, love, and kindness each day, whether that’s a smile, a note, or positive words to yourself.

Every small act can bring big changes in the energy in your life and all around you.

As Neal Donald Walsch said, “In my understanding, we are here on Earth, in physical bodies, to serve a larger purpose. I believe we are here to move forward with the agenda of the soul, which is focused on turning our knowledge of who we are into our experience of who we are.”

Today, lift your consciousness to look for good, acknowledge kindness, and appreciate the abundance and love you have.

Feel your vibration. Feel the changes in your body, in your heart.

Take charge of how you want to feel in whatever you do throughout your day and weeks. When you do, you can empower yourself to raise your vibration.

What’s the channel you plan on vibrating from?

How can you “plan” or direct your life more from your vibration than from schedule or habit?

Listening and feeling your vibration will lead you to a more loving, kind, and joyful life.

Take note of how you keep your vibration high. Hit the PRESET button.