Where Do You Find Meaning For Your Life?


One of the scary things about transitions in life is you can lose the meaning for life. When you don’t feel like you have value, purpose or interest, depression, illness and death appear.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


I know one of the things I loved about retiring was I was so excited about coaching. I knew what a difference coaching had made in my life, and I wanted to return the favor.


I’ve seen and heard about too many people when they divorce, lose a job or retire lose meaning for their life. And, it’s too easy to fall into sadness and loss. In fact, the statistics are alarming.


Life doesn’t have to end at these pivotal times. Even though it can feel like it at the moment.


Recently, I was reading about Bode Miller, an Olympic skier, who lost their 19-month old daughter to a drowning. Morgan Miller said they have a new mission, “We have the choice to live our days with purpose.” They are trying to deal with the grief by speaking out. Sharing that drowning is the leading cause of death for healthy children under 4. This hits home to me since we have 6 grandkids, 4 and under. The article said it takes only 30 seconds for a child under 30 pounds to drown.


You know life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Don’t let them take you out.


So if you are feeling lost or uncertain about what’s next for you, think about how you can enhance someone else’s life. Pause and ask for guidance – like what would my soul like me to do right now. Then, listen and follow. Those good deeds will lead you to something more. First, it brightens your day. You feel like you’ve made a difference. Then, it can show you how much you still have to offer.


In fact, I want to say hard times can be the beginning of something greater.


It is often in these type of trials you surrender, ask for help or look for something different.


You find more meaning for life.


God’s will is for you to be happy. No matter what you are going through. Discontent or upsetting events are telling you life can be better. Connect with this greater good.


There is a world of good awaiting you.


When you are living the true expression of yourself there is great freedom and contentment. It’s empowering to know that you decide the road you will travel.


The minute you decide to move your life in a new direction, everything changes.


Life is for you. I question that when life presents these unbearable times, like what the Millers are going through, but I know it’s true.


What is the meaning and purpose you want for your life?


Know that those desires are your inner spirit yearning for fuller expression.


Get clear on your meaning and purpose for your life so you can live fully and not fall into the dark abyss of life’s ups and downs.


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