Where Do You Need To Add More Compassion In Your Life?

Where in your life is there a greater need for compassion?

This week Bo has been sick with the flu. For somebody who likes to go and be very active, it took a great deal for him to be compassionate with him, to allow him to rest and get well.

Let compassion be the tool you use for whatever touchy situations you find yourself in.

Let kindness, acceptance, and love be by your side. Let them guide your life.

As you go into this holiday season, how can you handle the pressures, the crowds, and the demands on you with more compassion? Take time to set yourself up for success. Set your intentions to be more compassionate and accepting. Notice how things can change for you. More doors open, more thank yous.

What you focus on, you receive.

Think of how you feel when you treat yourself and others with compassion. Feel your body right now as you think about it. I’m sure it’s softer and more relaxed.

Compassion allows you to focus on goodness and forgiveness. It will enable you to be with what is rather than in resistance or frustration because of what life gives you.

As Father Gregory Boyle said in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, “People only change when they are cherished and treated with tenderness.”

What are your daily practices to love and honor yourself?

How do you handle a situation where you are disappointed or upset? With love and compassion or judgment and ranting?

Do you hear yourself saying, “How could you do that” when something didn’t work out, or you made a mistake? What does your inner child REALLY need at those moments, whether you have chosen a situation or are handed some alarming circumstance?

I can be so hard on myself when I’m learning something new, or something doesn’t work out the way I thought it would. For so long, I didn’t even realize this. Then, finally, it was a pattern I became conscious of. I thought that was the way to move yourself to a better place.

No way, I’m catching myself. So I’m choosing again – compassion and kindness.

On your journey to your Higher Self, there will be many moments of “ahas.” And, in those moments, it’s important not to make yourself wrong or bad when you reflect upon your past choices. They served you. It happened. It would help if you showered yourself with compassion and kindness so that you have awakened to something greater.

It is easy to want to deny you could have had those habits or patterns but don’t make yourself wrong—no need to do that. Instead, be grateful you are awakening to a more loving way of life. That’s why compassion should be the tool at hand.

Do you realize that when you mistake yourself or talk about being a failure or less, you are making value judgments about yourself? How does that help you? Instead, it keeps you down and in a victim mindset.

The illusion is the way you look at things. Shift your perspective. Rather than listen to all the chatter of wrong and bad, how can you have compassion for the pain you are feeling, for the darkness leading your life? Let those be reminders for you to show more of your light and compassion.

You need to be your biggest cheerleader and believe in yourself.

As John Rogers, DSS says, “Take time to go within, to be devoted to yourself, to read and study spiritual things, to chant your tone and sing the song of God to yourself. Treat others as you would treat God. Be kind and loving when you are with others.”

Let compassion be by your side, whatever pain or hardship you face. Allow yourself to feel what is happening, but then reach for ways to be kind, loving, and accepting of yourself and the moments you face.

Notice the difference in how you feel when you lead with kindness rather than belittling or judging.

Where could you show yourself more compassion so life can be more loving and effortless?