Where Do You Need To Add More Magic In Your Life?


It’s the season for magic.


Feel the energy when you think about magic—light-hearted possibilities.


You feel more hopeful and joyful.


Look all around; you see gnomes, fairies, unicorns, and even Santa.



Listen to music and the joyful tones.


Feel the excitement of children dreaming and scheming.


Let life and its season help you live more freely and easily.


Life becomes too routine. As you grow older, you need reminders to play more, have more fun.


It’s easy to lose the mystery and amazement of how magical life is.


How can magical thinking help you free yourself? Lighten your load? Make life more fun and easy?


You are writing the script of your life; why not put more whimsical and ease in it.


Think of magic as you decorate or shop. Then, see how quickly it moves from being a chore to being fun.


I love glitzy. It adds a spark of excitement. So when we redecorated our house, I had lots of sparkles. It’s fun.


Think about what allows you to feel whimsical and light-hearted and add more of that to your life. Don’t use ALL you have “to do” to design your life.


Design your life around how you want to feel. Because that is really why you are choosing what you do – you often don’t realize that. Turn it around. For instance, I chose education because I love learning and believe it’s the ticket to anything you want. I love being of service. I like the feeling of freedom and possibility that education provides. To me, it’s inspiring, exciting, and challenging.


Find the rhythm of your life. Whatever stage of life you are in right now, add more magic to it. Skip, twirl or sing out loud. Make those your morning routines. See how they bring a smile to your face and body.


We noticed how many people put up their Christmas lights early in November this year. People are ready for more joy and light.


Make this holiday one where you feel on Top of the World. So ride that magic carpet and allow it to bring new hope and ideas for your life in 2022.


Make your days magical.