Where Do You Struggle to Make Your Health A Priority?

Your thoughts create your reality. You are creating your tomorrow all day.

Your health is your mind, body and spirit.

Pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs about your life, your health, and the world around you.

All these affect you based on how you respond and interact with them.

If you want to know your thoughts, stop and look at your life.

I know it’s hard to think or see that you created what you are living. But, if you step back and not make yourself wrong, see what’s working and what’s not. Be open to what else is possible for you. You can begin a journey to a healthier life – inside and out.

I can see where I’ve been stuck and rigid. My body has shown me that by the tension and tightness in my muscles. As I have learned to loosen my grip on life, I can see and feel how I relax more. I can see how my thoughts have changed about viewing me and life situations I didn’t like. I can see how I can be in the flow, allow more of what is happening, and not ramp up the unfairness or rage inside of me. I spend more time noticing and seeing what bothers me and how I’d like it to be. Then, go toward a more peaceful and loving place. More from my excitement about how I want things to be.

I’ve learned you receive what you focus on. It’s much more comfortable for me when my body is fluid and flowing than tight and hurting. Think of how your organs and glands clamp up! Tension, stress—not healthy.

Is your health like you want it to be?

Your health can direct what you can do and what needs your attention. Take a moment to listen to what your body is saying to you right now.

Is it to rest?
Is it to get moving?
Is it to love it more?

What is your body saying to you?

One of the great learnings I’ve had is through my body. Oh, I’ve had many. But, after my Pickleball injury and tearing my hamstring off the bone, I did lots of reflection and rehab. Not just to my body but to my mind and way of thinking. One of the things I learned about was how much Pilates could help me build up my small muscles around the larger ones to protect them. Most of my previous exercise was to build up my large muscles, get strong, and push through everything. Pilates has taught me to listen to my body and form in ways I have never done. I realized how much I’ve used strength more than allowing my body to work for me.

Your body is masterful in how each part can help support you if you focus on it and allow it to help you.

How are you making sure your health is vibrant and dynamic? It can be up to you rather than like me thinking I knew what to do. Rather than being open to what’s next and best for me.

Your body tells you how you can be vibrant and dynamic, no matter your conditions. Based on right where you are, what is the best thing you can do for yourself now?

I remember when Bo was recuperating from his cancer and how ecstatic we were when he could move from bench to bench on this walking path we had. One bench was a HUGE milestone. It gave him hope, joy and belief in something more the next time. Twenty years later, you would never realize how close he was to the other side.

The best thing is not to fall into the trap of thinking something greater is not possible for you unless that is what you want, like being a victim of circumstances.

You are the decision maker, and it’s not always an easy one. What helps is knowing what you want, really want. Keep that your focus.

How are you making sure your health is a top priority?

Find people who have overcome something you are facing. There are plenty of examples examples of miracles, too, that can lift you up. We just had dinner with some friends of ours. There is a couple we both know that has recently faced some unbelievable health problems, each in the hospital facing difficult circumstances, he, his wife and their adult son. Like her having breast cancer and facing horrible reactions to the chemo. Most people would feel sorry for what they are facing, but this courageous man is so humble and acts like it’s calling them to live something greater. Unbelievable spirit and strength. She is an example of living strong in her faith. Wonderful, real-life examples can make you feel like you can see things differently if they can handle ALL of what is happening in their lives.

Think about your health as filled with love. See your body as a miracle-making machine.

Think about your health as well-being. How are you making your well-being a priority? Not all your aches and pains.

As Vernon Howard shares, “Any change which contributes to your true good must start with a change in the way you think.”

Change your focus. Focus on what you WANT.

Focus on being healthier.

Be curious and wonder what else is possible.

How is your health precious to you? Keep that as your benchmark. It will change the energy with which you handle things.

What healthy choices can you make today that could lead you to a more vibrant you?

Where are you struggling today with making your health a priority? Are you too focused on the pain and struggle you are facing? How could you shift that thinking to more about listening to what your body is asking you to do?

Ask God or your Higher Power to help you – help you see things differently.

Nobody wants more pain, but paying attention to the ailments, the hurts and limitations is so easy. Remember, you receive MORE of what you FOCUS on. More pain when that is what you keep talking about and thinking about. Yes, it hurts. Acknowledge that, but ask what can you do to see something greater emerging.

Surround yourself with pictures of what you’d like, people who have overcome or uplifting messages to help you move from your struggles so you can prioritise your health.

Commit today that you are worth making your well-being your top priority. Your life depends upon it.

Move from struggle to curiosity of what else might be possible.

You will see something more.

Here’s to a healthier you.