Where in Your Life Are You Settling for Barely Getting By?


With the teacher walk-out in Oklahoma, I can hardly contain myself with some of the comments I hear, mostly with the scarcity mindset. Like in spin class this morning, one of the regular guys said, “Now, Dottie do we really need new reading and math textbooks?” The news had shown someone holding Blake Shelton’s textbooks when he was in school and how outdated their school’s textbooks were. Then, the constant debate about, “We aren’t 49th, no, we are 48th.”


Why are we settling for the bottom of the barrel?


I saw this post on Facebook and it got me going. I had to share it with this message, Oh, my gosh. How telling is this? Please ponder this.

How can we shift our thinking to do all we can to have the best educational system we can? Be more resourceful and open – minded to finding ways to provide, money does make a difference. Why are we debating whether we are okay with 49th or 48th? I want more than that for all kids, and for sure for my grandkids. Instead, let’s have a vision of moving up each year, and do whatever that takes. Incremental steps help, I know you can’t be like Massachusetts next year but you must have a vision of being better this year than last, rather than settling for one of the last places.


Think about your life. Where have you just let life beat you down and/or settle for less than you know you want or desire?


How do you know? Look at where you have put aside your dreams or desires. Check out your inner dialogue that says things like, “You are greedy to want more.” “You have enough, you should be satisfied.” “You’ll never be able to take that trip.”


You were created for greatness, not to just get by.


You get what you think about. As David Neagle says, “Sadly, we’re not being raised with the idea that we’re born to be a success. We are living so below our potential because no one ever tells us that our main purpose in life IS to be successful.”


Even the Bible shows you it’s okay to feel abundant or want something greater for your life.   Ephesians 3:20 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.

“The Apostle Paul was so confident that he stated that God is able to a lot more than we think He will and in fact, He can do ‘far more abundantly than all we ask or think,” meaning He will bless us in ways that we don’t expect.”


The role your mindset plays in your life determines the level of satisfaction, fulfillment and joy you will have.


You CAN change those thoughts. They are only what you have seen or have been told.


There is more to life.


Find other people living the life you admire. Then, notice what traits you admire about them. I love extended families that take vacations together. So for me, if that is something I want, I wonder how they make that happen. For instance, my friend Carol and my sister-in-law are doing this. They:

Plan a year ahead to have the venue they want so their whole family can stay together. Carol’s family is going on a cruise together.

Make the deposit and save their money. Take extra jobs.

All the adult kids and grandparents put it on their calendar so it becomes a priority and they block off time to make it happen.


It’s easy to let life pass you by and settle for okay. There’s safety and security settling, you know the routine. But the fun is in the expansion, in living life, and finding new opportunities.


Everything is possible. If you believe and want it.


Don’t settle. It’s a path to a slow death. To a life of regret. Get up, get out and live life.


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