Where in your life would it be beneficial to free yourself?

When I say free yourself, where in your life would it be beneficial to free yourself: emotionally, spiritually or mentally? Is it in your thoughts, behaviors or attitudes? What are you focusing on? Is it the glass is half full or half empty? Are you noticing and acknowledging all the kind things people are doing? Or are you never satisfied with your life or the world around you? Where could you grow and think other thoughts? If negative thoughts keep you frustrated and angry, find some music, poem or story that could lift your spirits. As the Course of Miracles states, a little shift in our perception is a miracle. Your physical, mental and emotional states will change. Little things can make a big difference. We just have to be willing to make a change, to grow a little, and to realize that we have another choice. Are you willing to pay attention to what cha thinking so that you can have more of what you want in your life?