Where Is Your Yellow Brick Road Leading You To Today?


What do you need more of to handle today’s changes and upheaval?


What friends from The Wizard of Oz do you need right now?  


Are you feeling like the Cowardly Lion longing for courage to face all the uncertainty in a New World emerging?  


Do you need more of the Tin Man’s desire for a heart to have more compassion, and a willingness to see other’s needs out of oppression?


Or, are you realizing that you are like the Scarecrow’s need for a brain?  Thinking you aren’t smart enough to handle whatever is given you.


Your ruby red slippers are calling you home.


This is part of your Hero’s journey to discover more of who you are.  


Remember who you are.


Life is for you.


When things are comfortable, it is natural to glide along.  


But in order to become all God made you to be, there will be events and situations that capture your attention and throw you a curveball.  That make you ready to choose something different for your life.


There are signs to follow if you take the time to notice.


Most of us, stay in resistance because we are angry, hurt or disillusioned.  


As Joel S. Goldsmith says, “The secret of harmonious living is the development of spiritual consciousness.”  


So what if instead of living in resistance, anger or lower frequency energy, you decided today to step where your yellow brick road is leading you?


What if you saw this as an opportunity to live bigger?  Whether that is from courage, heart or knowledge.


I know for me courage and trust are wanting to emerge.  


Trust that the Universe has a purpose to help make my life more meaningful, kinder and more loving.  Trust that I have what I need inside of me. 


Courage for me to see the world in different ways than the decades I have lived.  Courage to step out of my comfort zone with my needs for safety and security in how things happen.  Live more adventurous and spontaneous.  


I was on a podcast of Kyle Cease’s where he shared a great analogy of this.  Think of your life like a remote control.  You have your life stationed on one channel.  But God is opening you to a world of hundreds of other channels on that remote.  


Endless possibilities.


There is more to living than my limited perspective.  It’s time for me to shift and open up to a new world, a new way of living.  


Life is calling all of us to shift, to allow something new into our lives.


For example, and I know this can be controversial.  I heard that 85% of what police officers have to deal with are mental health and drug problems.  So if that is the case, are we giving our police the right training and focus in their work?  What resources and framework do they need to handle that?  It doesn’t mean to do away with the police but help them shift their focus to the needs of today’s society.


I heard 90% of Firemen’s work today has more to do with medical issues than fire safety.  Are we making sure they have the tools, training and support they need to handle the variety of issues they may face today?  Not like it was before all the new fire standards in buildings which helped eliminate so many fires.


Life is changing.  Life has changed as we know it.


What is wanting to emerge in you, and is saying it’s time to step up to something new?


One way to know is notice where you are resisting the most.  


Is it an idea like school needs to be like they have been? 


Is it in your body with a health concern you’ve had and are denying or trying to heal in a “certain” way?


Is it in a relationship where you need to forgive but are holding on to resentments or grudges?


How could your friends in The Wizard of Oz help you transform?  Make your life better.


It’s time to allow all the Universe offers to come to you, to support you and to lift you.  


How many of those channels on the remote are you willing to open to?  To see a bigger and brighter world that is right before you but you need to be on the right channels.


Ask to be guided.


Remember you have all the power within you. 


You have all that you need to traverse these changing times and emerge in a more beautiful and loving place.  All you need is to remove the clouds of what is covering the sun for you to activate the power within.


Awaken to a greater you!