Which Door Are You Choosing?

Life is full of choices.

Notice where you invest your time and energy.

Pay attention to what you value. Take time to look at your calendar and where you are spending most of your time and life.

Make sure it is doing what you love, whether that is time with your family, time with your career, or time playing.

Invest in high-energy things that bring out the best in you.

Stop the “I have to” or “I’ve got to.” And those periods of low-vibration situations.

Yes, there are “responsibilities” that you have, but hold them in the light and think of how they make your life easier and better. If they don’t, it’s time to change how you handle or think about them.

Life is for you when you get yourself in the flow of what is right for you.

Take time to find ways to lift up your life to the Highest for you.

Ponder on these thoughts.

Just notice. Don’t make yourself wrong.

Awareness is the first step to change.

Do you want to thrive, or do you deprive yourself of abundance and all life has to offer you?

Which door are you choosing?

Are you planning for your future, or are you worrying about your future?

Which door do you choose?

Is your world more about expanding or constricting and limiting what you can have and do?

What are you choosing for yourself?

Are you looking at what’s right about the world and your life, or are you seeing all the problems?

Where are you choosing from?

As Jay Shetty shares, “The way you FEEL about yourself is based on the THOUGHTS you CHOOSE to believe about yourself.”

Think about how you feel about yourself.

The way you think about yourself has a major impact on how your life goes.

It’s worth the time to notice the banter inside your head. The beliefs you hold. The things that are making your decisions.

Notice how you speak to yourself when you are in front of a mirror.

Pay attention to the words you use when you are struggling with something.

Think about the limitations you have put on the possibilities for your life. Are you stuck? Or doing what you love and prospering?

What door are you choosing as you speak about yourself? As you believe in yourself?

Everything begins with knowing thyself. Deciding you ARE worth having what you want. You are worthy.

A big shift for me in life is to pay attention to what I like, not what I’m supposed to do or who I need to make sure they are okay.

What do you love? Choose that over and over. And, before you know it, more or most of your life is loving what is, loving your life.

Which Door Are You Choosing?

What door are you choosing?

You always have a choice. It might not feel like it. No matter what is happening or your situation, you can choose how it goes.

More and more I remind myself, I want a life with ease and peace, or ease and grace. I ask, “How can this be easy and…?” It changes my focus. It changes the solutions that come.

Another mantra I use a lot is “I can choose peace instead of this.” It’s from The Course of Miracles.

I am choosing to align all parts of my life with what I desire. With my core values. With what’s right for me at this point in time.

Begin paying attention to the choices you make all day, every day.

Decide what is guiding the choices – is it impulsivity, someone’s needs, or what’s in alignment for you?

Decide what door you want to choose. Notice how you feel.

If you don’t like how that choice feels, choose again and again. Your feelings are the best indicator of the choices you are making. If it feels light, it’s right for you. If it feels heavy, choose again.

Begin this day, this Valentine’s Day, choosing what door is right for you in each situation of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day