Which of Your Mindsets Need to Be Updated?


Do you believe in the possibility of infinite good in your life?


Do you believe in goodness for your life?


If you believe in goodness from within and outside, what is holding you back from having a life you desire?


You have approximately 60,000 thoughts in a day.  Think about what is racing around in your head.  Are those thoughts mostly about all the good that is going to happen in your life today and tomorrow?  Or, are more of those thoughts about worry – worry if you’ll have enough time or money to do what you want? Worry that you have the energy?  Worry if it is safe?


Think about the paradox.  If you want things to change, you have to have more energy and thoughts in the direction you want things to go.  You can say you believe in goodness but if what you are doing and saying are not in that direction, then you really don’t.


Your mindset.  It needs adjusting.


That’s the tricky part and the real journey of life.  To be in alignment and in integrity with what you say you desire.


For instance, I want to have a loving relationship with food and my body.  But, when I think about most of the thoughts I think in this area, it is not pretty.  I get pretty wired and fired up about the situation.  Then, I can understand why things don’t change. When I stop and think about how I am handling and thinking about what I say I want and how I am acting, I realize how life is giving me exactly what I’m most focused on EVEN though I think I desire something different.


I am not in alignment. 


My mindset needs updating.


Life gives you what you think about and where your energy goes. 


You and I are usually in the way of what we want. And, probably haven’t realized it.  And, frustrated about why things aren’t changing.


As Michael Beckwith says, “There are four kinds of pain: resistance, resistance, resistance, and resistance.” 


So, the more conscious and awake you are about what is happening in your life, you are more likely able to create the results you want. 


It’s worth the work.  You will feel empowered and in charge.  And, you GET what you desire.


When you let habit, ritual and past behaviors guide your life, you will continue to get what you have always gotten and stay stuck.


What are you WILLING to change?


What mindset needs changing for you?


“I’m too old to…”

“I don’t have time to…

“That’s unrealistic where I am right now in my life…”


I know for me I have to really laser focus on what I want and put all kinds of structures in place for the change I want to happen.  That’s why having a coach or someone to hold you accountable is one of the best ways to ensure you will get what you desire.  You stay focused on it and keep moving forward rather than letting the step backward and habits keep you from having what you desire. 


For instance, with my food and body relationship. 


First, I had to be clear about what I wanted. I got a health coach. 


I began working on a coaching certification with The Psychology of Eating coaching program. 


I began questioning my old beliefs with questions like:


What do you want from food?  I want to feel physically good.  I want food to give me energy, to look good and to feel healthy. I want healthy foods and meals to taste good.


I realized I want food to give me pleasure. That’s where I get in trouble.  I need to find pleasure in other ways.  I saw that the foods that gives me pleasure showed up on my bad girl list.  I make most of the foods I like “bad.”  Well, if I feel bad or guilty every time I eat something I like, Mexican food or a dessert, then all my thinking is against what I want.


I had to realize how I was thinking about food.  Food was the enemy.  I made it bad to have pleasure from my food because I labeled those foods as bad.  It’s really about the quantity and how my body feels and reacts from what I am eating.  I need to change my mindset about my lists of bad and good foods. I  need to let go of perfection, or right and wrong about my choices.  Realize I don’t have to be 100% on eating all the “right” foods. I need to see food as medicine and as my friend that keeps me healthy, and looking and feeling good. 


Then, I had to put some structures and reminders in place so I catch myself when I’m practicing old habits and negative thoughts.  Only then can I make new choices and thoughts.  I’m definitely a work in progress.


Think about what is no longer working for you in your life.  Are there relationships or stuff you need to let go of? 


Let go of what is no longer in your Highest and Greatest good. 


What can you let go of that will free you to live the goodness you desire?


What mindsets would better serve you?   Your thoughts create your reality.



Decide on the structures and support you need to create the vision you desire for your life for this month, this year and this decade.


You are worth it. 


Your mindset matters.