Who Are You Becoming in this Decade You Are Living?


Carpe Diem – Seize The Day.


Expect great things to happen for you.


Use nature’s wisdom. Nature reminds you of what’s possible. Think of the seasons – the dying of the old to let the new appear. Feel the freedom of allowing things to grow in their due time.


Each decade of life presents new opportunities.   Pull together the highlights of your life. Think of it as a quilt. Think of your school ages, your 20s exploring the world, being on your own, beginning jobs and careers; the 30s starting families; the 40s settling in or mid-life crisis; the 50s feeling more settled, then empty nesters; 60s looking forward to retirement; and 70s coming full circle to enjoy all that life has given you and seeing the wisdom and joy.


What is significant about the decade you are living that could help you design who you are becoming? Is that being free and adventurous? Is this the decade you plan to travel? We just received the National Geographic Expedition Catalogue. It is amazing ALL the places to travel and all you can do while you are there. The world opens for you.


What juicy memories do you want to use to create this next trek of your journey? Do you remember the art contest you won in elementary school and are ready to develop the artist within you?


You will learn new skills, strategies, and appreciation.

You will see the world through new eyes. It’s amazing how colorful the world becomes.

You will develop new relationships.


Your world will change.


I have always liked the thought of living your best life. There is freedom around that. You can decide what that means to you. You can decide how you want that to play out in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual world.


Just like this year, I chose YIN as my word of the year. Developing more of the feminine, slow down, smell the roses. Enjoy the journey, not just being focused on the destination or end results.


It is showing me how this can become my way of life. Focusing on my soul’s desire for living more with compassion, kindness, and peace. Understanding how to lead my life with my core values – love, joy, hope, and peace.


It all starts with clarity of what’s most important to you.


Wherever you might be in the decade of life you are living, take time to prioritize your life’s direction. Is this when you retire? Or become empty nesters? Or, have you just been considered cancer-free for five years?


You determine what you do.


There will always be expected and unexpected circumstances that happen along the way.


But, ultimately, you decide how you want to live your life.


Inner peace is a priority for me. I know I must choose it every day, and often many times in a day as life happens. One of my favorite lessons in the Course of Miracles is “I can choose peace instead of this.” It helps me change the energy of what I’m thinking, seek higher ground, and look for solutions rather than stay in the pile of junk.


What new delight is waiting for you?


Who are you now? Empowered, confident and courageous. Humble, kind and thoughtful.


What do you need to let go to become the person you want to be? Is it old beliefs and thoughts or old stories that are worn out?


As Joel Osteen said in a recent tweet I received, “Being right is overrated. You can be right and be miserable. You can be right and sleep on the couch. You can win every battle, prove your point, but what you don’t realize is you’re damaging your relationships.”


Looking back I see where I created more discord than I needed. Also, I realized if only I had more wisdom about how to create the life I wanted. Now, I know more and can put it to use.


Growth happens whether you design it or not. Why not make it what you want?


It’s never too late to begin again. Start a new journey in the decade you are living.


Become who you were created to be.