Who Are You Blaming For Where You Are in Life?


Did you realize that one out of 10 people suffers from an addiction? Did you know one out of five people has some sort of mental health issue? And, that one in 10 of people over 65 have Alzheimer?


Life can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to feel pessimistic when you let statistics or outside circumstances run your life.


Are you still blaming your parents or your upbringing for the way your life is, yet you are 40 or 60 years old? You have had more time away from them than you had with them.


Take responsibility for your life and where you are. Yes, you had the foundation built from the past, but if it’s not what you want, you can create the life you want.


As Anna Quindlen says, “The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.”


Instead of grasping for outside situations to change, the importance is to realize what you can do and where you want to be.


Circumstances change but your power and ability to take charge do not. You can feel empowered or feel like a victim and blame others or the way the world is.


Stop wasting your energy on things you have no control over.


Don’t let fear guide your life. Joy stems from within, not from external circumstances. Pleasure comes from what you value. So the only way to control how your life goes is living a life aligned with what is true for you.


What values do YOU care about the deepest?


At times of struggle, it is hard to remember that you have all the answers you need within you.


Like paying attention to your energy and how you are feeling. How are you vibrating right now? You have to be honest and go from where you are.


Then go closer to what you want rather than staying in the heavy feelings of where you are. Like thinking about what you value or what’s most important to you.- love, peace, and joy.  


Alchemize your feelings into noble action—stand up and speak out for what you believe.


As you are blaming, feeling angry, don’t let yourself be caught up in being right but focus on the love, peace, and joy you want to solve the problem you are facing or encountering.


I know one of the concepts I struggled with understanding was when I accept life as it is, then it allows me to choose and move forward. But when I stay in frustration or ranting about how bad things are, or how could this president do the things he is doing, I realize it has me going in the opposite way I want. I am in resistance. And, what you resist, persists.


I know it’s Byron Katie’s, “Loving what is.” Easier said than done at times.


Remember, the vibration of your problem and the solution are on a different frequency. You have probably heard the solution to your problem cannot be solved on the level you are.


Remember, avoidance is a magnet that will bring to you the unwanted thing.


Take charge, think about what frequency you are vibrating on.


Know that the higher vibrations of courage, willingness, acceptance, and love feel lighter and life moves easier. Feeling guilt, anger or pride feels heavy, dark and confused.


As David Hawkins shares being willing to get out of the lower vibrations of blaming can elevate you from victimhood. Once you move from these lower realms, life becomes less challenging and more meaningful.


Life happens. The world changes. Your body and life change. Appreciate where you were, where you are and where you will be. See each day as a doorway to the greatest you.


Trust you will know how to handle whatever life throws at you.


Be devoted to listening to your inner wisdom and guidance from God.


Shift your energies and blame by forgiving yourself, developing a gratitude practice, meditating, and watching the foods and media you choose.


Live life your way by taking responsibility and throwing out the blame.