Who Could You Reach Out To?


Whenever you are struggling there is great comfort in reaching out to others, to help and feel connected and purposeful.  


It keeps hope alive.


Think about how you can work together to support someone, to achieve your desires or feel connected.  


Move from the feeling of helplessness to action.


One of our basic needs is to be loved and be connected.  In times of uncertainty, it is even more important to find ways to build up this emotional bank account.  


This is also a time to grow your faith.  


God is asking you to rise above and dig deep.  Find the strength to see through the eyes of God.


As Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”


Beverly Hutchinson says in the Miracle Distribution Newsletter, “Faith Lift” #2: “Put all your faith in the Love of God within you; … This is the answer to whatever confronts you today.” (W-50.4:3)


Who is someone you admire through these trials and tribulations in life?  Notice the qualities that are capturing your attention.  Find ways to develop those in you.  For instance, I saw where a pastor in Oklahoma City was reassuring his congregation that if you follow God’s direction, you will know what to do.  


That ignited something within me.  How can I reassure others that if we rise to a higher vibration the situation can be different? Because then we can find a  solution. 


Remember the scripture that says, “Give and to you shall be given.”  Whatever you are offering others will be returned to you.  


How could doing a personal inventory of all the negative things in your life help you find some peace?  If you notice that you speak harshly about certain people, how could you find someone in “that group” that has done amazing things?  


When you choose to dehumanize people, you build walls and hatred.  But when you personalize it by finding a real life example for you, it can open your mind to something new.  


Yes, it takes time and willingness.  But, if you are tired of the hatred, bitterness and fear, it’s time to take bold new steps.  



It’s time to find your part in it.  


It’s time for all of us to bring some light to the darkness.  


It’s time for you to reach out to others and see how the world is made up of all of God’s children.  


It’s time for you and me to find a way to a world that works for all.  


Find one way that your heart can soften. Notice an area of your life that you have disdain towards others.  For instance, I struggle with people who righteously profess they are Christians and their actions don’t align with their espoused Christian values.  


So I have been seeking to understand by listening to podcasts from a different perspective than I have.  


I can see how easily we can focus on fear rather than the bigger view of the messages of what our faith teaches. 


I can see how their minds have been filled with others that are different as “enemies.” 


I can be more forgiving.  When we know better we do better.  


Thus my job is to open people to new possibilities.   New possibilities of a kinder, more peaceful world by knowing thyself more and becoming more conscious of the choices you make.  


My WHY becomes even more important.  My commitment is stronger.


Who can you reach out to?  What action can you take today to help live a more loving and peaceful life?  To create the world you want to live in?