Who Do You Admire?


Where are you going in your life? Is it time for a transformation or a joyful renewal of who you are today?


Every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning. If you are unhappy, discontent or overwhelmed, now is the time to change the course of what is happening for you.


If you are content but know there is more inside of you, go for it.


Recapture the adventure of life and go out on the edge to what’s waiting for you.


You are meant to be curious.

Life is meant to be lived fully.

Have fun with the uncertainty and possibilities.


Want to know how to determine your next steps?


  1. Think about who your heroes are. First responders, mothers or military personnel? Their dedication, commitment, and willingness are to be admired.


I admire people like Gladys Burrill, who are willing to go after their dreams. Who will do the hard work? Get back up again and again.

Gladys ran a half marathon at 93 years old in 2012. Two years ago, Thompson became the oldest woman to finish a marathon.


I admire people who are willing to be bold and speak out for what they believe in, like Corinne Crabtree (Phit-N-Phat) who lost over 100 pounds and is teaching others to lose weight.


  1. Think about what you love to do. Who is doing what you love that speaks to you? Notice what attracts you to them. For instance, do you love to travel? Maybe you want to be a travel guide like Rick Steve. If you love running, painting or preaching, find people you admire in the field you love.


Recently, I was talking with a lady and she was explaining how she loves races. She loves the way they push her, keep her in fun, positive energy, and keep her on top of her game.


  1. Think about the top five (5) people you admire. Who is capturing your attention today? What are the qualities about them you admire? Make a list of them. Follow them on Pinterest. Feel what stands out for you.


Those qualities are in you, too. They are waiting for you to bring them into your life. They are calling you to move forward to the next version of who you are meant to be.


Choose one (1) or two (2) of those qualities that would bring you the most joy. Look at all the ways you could develop them. Commit to working on those qualities for the next three (3) months. Before you know it, you are that it is part of you. For instance, if you admire Joanna Gaines and her decorating ability.


Take some decorating classes.

Gather Pinterest pictures and create a vision board of a room you’d like to decorate.


The people you admire have important messages for you to live your heart’s desire.   They are reflecting back to you what’s in you and needs your attention.


What are the qualities calling you to bring forth to live joyfully and fulfilled?  


Today is your opportunity to begin that journey.


P.S. Need help with deciding what qualities will bring you great joy or how to develop them, sign-up for a free coaching call at dottiehager.com