Work in Progress – An Invitation To Become More of Who You Are


Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give. How you see yourself is how you see the world.


See yourself as you are. A gift from God.


When you choose to think higher thoughts the way God thinks, you see yourself in a totally different light, you find the good and acceptance.


The world needs more kindness and love.


As Malcolm S. Forbes says, “Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”


As you think about yourself, what stands out for you?


How marvelous you are?

How generous you are?

How much you care about others?


Can you look in the mirror and say, “I love you?”  


For many of us, it’s easier to give to others than love ourselves. Look into your heart and feel how much love you have for yourself.


How can you feel love for yourself?


Acknowledge you are brilliant. You are amazing.   You are powerful.


Loving yourself brings confidence and greater self-worth. You feel good about who you are. Loving all parts of yourself. You don’t hide or think something is wrong with you.


Loving yourself allows you to know that you are worth taking good care of. Make yourself a priority and listen to what you need.


It’s time to bring that innocence you had as a child back into your life. What does that little child within need? Own those feelings.


How you treat yourself is reflective of how you treat others.   As you accept yourself, you can accept others as they are.


Start with looking at all aspects of yourself – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You are not separate even though you might be like me and have lived that way.


I know for me, it’s been a huge journey of looking within.


For most of my life, I have thought of things externally. Validating myself based on comparisons and what is happening outside myself. I have made decisions based on what others are doing rather than going within and listening to my heart and desires.   For instance, physically, how did I look? Instead of loving myself and focusing on how truly blessed I was, I used the bat a lot and beat myself up for the extra weight, the muffin top. Nowadays, I can say I feel so blessed with my good health. Instead of going to the gym to punish myself to get the weight off, I go and feel the invigoration of using my body and keeping it alive and healthy. Not only am I feeling better physically but emotionally and mentally, I’m an honoring myself. I am loving who I am and giving myself pats on the back, affirmations and acknowledgements rather than crushing my spirit and feeling bad about how imperfect I am.


Doing the work of self-reflection brings self-acceptance which is one of the first steps to loving yourself.


Human experiences are full of messes. You are the student. Life is the content. You are a work in progress.


How freeing is it to think about yourself as a “work in progress?” You can quit beating yourself up for being imperfect and for making mistakes. You can view those as opportunities to help awaken you to the possibilities for your life, to see how much there is to love.


When you start to criticize any part of you, stop immediately. Go to the good things. You will attract more good to you.


As Victor Frankl says, “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”


Bring more of who you are into the world. Learn how to love yourself – the good and bad of you and life.


A great way to show self-love is to trust yourself. Know that you know what is right for you and follow through with it. Know that you are good enough and can have what you desire.


Treat yourself gently.

Focus on the wonderful things about you.


There is a light within you wanting to shine. All that is needed is like Michelangelo said with Statute of David, chisel away all that was not David. Same way with you and I. Let go of everything that doesn’t represent who you are right now, today.


You don’t have to be anyone but yourself.


When you begin to love yourself, it’s amazing how your life changes. You are happier and more satisfied. You are content with who you are, even though you know there is always work to be done.


What part of your life is keeping you from loving yourself?


What can you do?


Take care of yourself. Shower yourself with love and positive vibes.

Remove negative self-talk, and focus on honoring who you are.

Quit trying to be perfect.

Forgive yourself.

Own all parts of yourself so they don’t own you.


Most people think they have to be a certain way before they can be lovable. That is not unconditional love. That’s not seeing you as who you were created to be.


You don’t have to look a certain way or have a certain amount of money in the bank account. You have to see yourself from the eyes of God or from the eyes of love knowing that you are lovable just as you are.


Today, I invite you to look within and find out what is holding you back from loving yourself and seeing the magnificence person you are.


It’s worth the journey.