You Are The Choices You Make


Have you put off living for “someday”?


People who put off living for some rainy day in the future, often find themselves living in regret.


Because that someday became too late – a partner left or passed away, their health deteriorated or they didn’t plan financially for it to happen.


It’s so sad that the saying, “Everyone dies but not everyone lives,” is so prevalent and the reality for most people.  

It doesn’t have to be.


It’s not too late to change that, yet.


It takes focus and commitment.


Let’s work backward. What is your biggest regret right now in your life?


Is that you haven’t forgiven someone?

Is it you wanted a degree and haven’t gotten it?

Is it you have wanted to start your own business and you told yourself it wasn’t possible?

Is it you wanted to act more free but you were afraid what others would say?


What are you hearing?


Bonnie Wrae has written about the top regrets people have on their deathbed and here are a couple that might help trigger something that is brewing inside of you and you have ignored.


I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

 I wish that I had let myself be happier.


Or shift from regrets, and think about right now in your life. What is something you have longed to do, have or be and you keep putting off?


No need to put them off any longer.


This is the only life you get.


If something comes before you that you desire, there is a way to make it happen – If you are willing to take some inspired actions and open to the next steps needed to take.


Your life is all about the choices you are making.


Whenever you are making a decision, a good tool to use is to ask yourself if this choice would help you live the life you want or will it keep you stuck in the past?


Ask yourself will you regret not making a choice to go for what you want? Then notice your body. What’s it saying to you?


Will you wished you woulda, shoulda or coulda?


You are the choices you make in today’s conversation.


Decide what you want, and stay focused on what you want.


Every phase of life has its gifts and its challenges. You can decide to embrace where you are and plan for the life you want or you can make excuses to why you can’t have what you want.


What is your choice?


Making a decision to do, be or have what you want is empowering. Even though it might be scary or you don’t have a clue where to start.


Doors will open and ideas will be there for you if you are open and allow that in your life.


Find others who have done what you want. Inquire into how they made it happen. Find stories of others who have gone beyond anything imaginable for you to give you inspiration that what you desire can happen.


Watch the choices you are making.


Each choice is planting a seed for your future.


Make sure your choices are leading you forward and not ones you will regret – like “someday” I’ll get to it.


Believe in yourself, believe you can and will have what you want.




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