You Came Here To Thrive


How high do you want to soar?


What is it that you are designing for this chapter of your life?


What story are you telling? Is it one about thriving in new adventures and long-held dreams? Or, is it one of barely getting by? Status quo?


Faith is opening to what you wish to experience.


Let your imagination run wild. Get in touch with your heart and soul.


Let go of your worries and trust that something greater can help pave the way or help you find a way.


Find time to connect with your Inner Wisdom, the unlimited power you have.


Your future is opening right now. Feel the possibilities.


Think about all the things you love to do.


What’s on your bucket list?


Which ones of them are “10s” for you?   Sense how you can thrive because of the joy and fulfillment you feel – almost just from thinking about them. How about when you actually follow through with making them come to life?


What do you need to release to make space for what you really desire so you can thrive? One of my teachers, Kyle Cease, says think of all the things in your life that you are doing or have. List how they make you feel TODAY on a scale of 1-10. What is your average of all those things? You are vibrating at that level. Let go of things that are not 10s.


If you are wondering why you might not be thriving, look at this number. If you want to thrive, you need to be adding your 10s to your life. And, release those things that are not 10s.


Let go of those situations, limiting thoughts, and people who keep you at lower vibrations.


Release the clutter. I know you are saying it’s not so easy. But, think of what you are saying. You are giving up on yourself. You are saying you aren’t worth having what you want.


As you release, it allows space for what you desire today, for you to thrive and for you to live the life you want.


Give yourself some breathing space – whether emotional, physical or mental.


Raise your vibration so you can thrive.


The only way to transform something is to become conscious. Conscious of what you want, conscious of the way you think, and conscious of the way you are doing life.


Life changes.


Life is a series of seasons.


Use this fall season to help let go of what is no longer serving you or working for you.


As Tama Kieves says, “I used to feel sad when trees lost their leaves. Now I see it as a time of abundance and power. The trees drop their leaves because they have reached the pinnacle of their expression, and now they are willing to reach further. Autumn is a festival of casting off high notes and prior growth—and an unmistakable invitation to a new life.”


How are you allowing the seasons of life to progress so you thrive?


Be your biggest cheerleader. Do what you can to be vibrant, healthy and fulfilled.


It’s not too late.


Think like a rookie. Rookies go after what they desire. They feel the joy and passion of life.


How high are you willing to soar so you can be thriving?