You Can Choose Peace Instead of This…


The world is in an unprecedented time.


The war with Russia and Ukraine.


The Pandemic.


The price of gas.


What is guiding your life? Peace, joy, and love? Worry, anger or righteousness?


Where is their darkness in your life that is asking you to bring it to the light? Anywhere there is no peace within you.


What if these situations asked you to notice how you are in alignment with what you say you want or not?


For instance, if you say peace is guiding your life, are you choosing peace instead of worrying about whatever is happening outside yourself? How are you doing there? Or if it is love, how are you doing sending and sharing love in all you do and say? Like The Course of Miracles says, everything is love or a call to love.


There are LOTS of calls for love right now.


How are you BEING peace or love at this moment and the next?


Life is asking more of us to be the light, be that which you desire. If you don’t like the war or the divide, how can you become more peaceful? Build up who you are.


When you resist what is happening, you are attracting more of that to you.


As I read in my Science of Mind magazine, “Complaining is the hallmark of victim consciousness.”
But, it does not mean we deny challenges and don’t work to overcome obstacles.”
For instance, my natural gas bills have been more than doubling the last two months than in the past.
We had smelled gas off and on, but it didn’t stay. So I called ONG to come out. Sure enough, we had gas leaks – two of them.

For 3 days, the plumbers and ONG were here searching and fixing. Our gas was shut off, so there was no heat, no hot water, no stove to cook. They cut two holes in our wall. And, yes, it was costly. I could have gone on and on how “bad” it was, but I was SO, SO proud of how I was handling it.

I was so appreciative because the plumbers were fitting us in and came back before having to go the whole weekend without. Bo and I were so joyful that we could shower with warm water, we could wash the clothes and dishes. On, and on. Outside circumstances are there for you.


They give you opportunities to LIVE what you say you desire. I was choosing peace instead of frustration and upset. It was what it was. And, I stayed in the witnessing of it rather than the Complaining.


What you focus on grows.


You always have a choice even when you think you don’t.


You are in charge of your mind.


You are the one allowing the thoughts you are choosing to run through your head.


Your life is what you DECIDE. Life is messy and uncertain. You cannot control outside circumstances, BUT you can make decisions on how you are being and on how you respond to these outside forces.


Life is about the fulfillment of the inner Self. Look at whatever is happening in your life with wonderment, as Self-Discovery.


Become conscious of all you are doing.


Mindfulness allows you to see life through new eyes and with a greater perspective. It helps you realize your outer world is a reflection of your own beliefs and thoughts. What is needing healing or more practice for you?


The world needs more peace. How can you step up and be a beacon of light and peace?