You Deserve A Healthy Life


Do you feel blessed enough to live well?


What positive experiences are you having each day?


According to the Global Nutrition Report:


815 million people go to bed hungry.

2 billion adults are overweight or obese and 41 million children.




What is healthy to you? Is it laughter, sunshine and eating well?


As you assess your lifestyle, are most of your behaviors healthy? Are you setting yourself up for success to live healthy?


Growing old is inevitable. But how we grow old is optional.


Your attitude or mindset is 80% of what happens to you.


Recently I have been sidelined with a hamstring injury. I’m not the best patient. I don’t sit still well. Moving is just part of my being.


But, God has a bigger plan for me. Plus, the doctor said I have to stay away from my exercising for at least a month.


My attitude has been bad. I’ve finally worked through most of the upset. I’ve moved to being grateful that everything is really fine and seeing this as just a short time-out. I know there is a greater meaning here for me. I know how attached I am to my exercise.


I have so much wrapped around exercising:


It helps me get my day started.

I love how I feel.

It’s my fun whether hiking, biking or pickle-balling. Or, just walking each day.

I believe it is what has kept me healthy.

I feel like it helps me look and feel healthy.

It helps me control my weight.


Totally attached to the situation and outcomes. Not so good.


Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually exercising is number 1 for me.


I should have listened when I knew my hamstring was tight…


How is your health? Are you listening to your body and taking care of what it is telling you?


Dean Ornish says in his book, “Undo It ” that most chronic diseases can be reversed following these 4 tips:


  1. Love More


  1. Move More


  1. Eat Well


  1. Stress Less


Could your lifestyle be enhanced by adding these 4 simple tips?


Make a commitment to yourself to live healthier each day. Whatever that might mean for you. Not big changes, but baby steps like adding more veggies to your plate, hanging around people that are fun to be with that radiate good energy, or spending 5 more minutes outside enjoying the fresh air.


Notice which one of these 4 tips speaks the most to you.


Choose that one. Brainstorm ideas that speak to you around that idea. Use the month of October to practice implementing what you have decided. For instance, if you chose “love more,” tell the people around you how much you care about them. Talk about how much you love your life. Use your gratitude journal to write about how fortunate you are to have friends. Gratitude and appreciation are the easiest ways to feel more love in your life.


Too often you give up before you even start because change seems so hard and impossible.


How could changing your mindset from all or nothing mentality to taking little steps actually help make the changes and relieve stress?


I’m probably the worst on wanting things NOW.   I want 10 pounds gone next week. Or, thinking all or nothing – like eating no sugar, no gluten or no dairy.


What if instead you decided this week you were going to take one of these tips and do one thing. Back to the “love more.” Another idea – What if you loved yourself more – took time to nourish your body, your heart and your soul? Is that taking a walk in nature which gets you moving more too? And, when you take your action, notice how much lighter you feel, how fulfilled you feel.


One step today. One step tomorrow.


Look at your life now and ask is this really the lifestyle I want? If not, take baby steps to get there. Choose one tip and one step toward that tip today.


Before you know it you will have new healthy habits as well as reverse any of the ailments bothering you.


Take time to decide what a healthy lifestyle looks like so that this next chapter of life is the best it can be for you.


You have the rest of your life to live the life you want and it begins today. You don’t have to think it all has to happen tomorrow.


You deserve to have a healthy life.