You Hold The Key To Your Freedom


I’ve been thinking about how blessed we are to live in the United States and have the freedom we do. I have to admit I have taken that for granted rather than appreciate the gifts and opportunities it really does provide.

For each person, their desires and focus for liberty and latitude will be quite different. It depends upon your circumstances and frame of reference.

As you think about freedom in your mind, body and spirit, what comes forth for you?

In yoga this week, I was thinking about the freedom I have with my body and how well I can move around.

I love having the tools yoga provides to open me up.

I love how yoga asks you to listen to your body. Our teacher always reminds us that she is only our guide. You must honor what your body is telling you which is different today than yesterday or last week, and from one side to the other.

With my work and my relationships, I feel lots of freedom. I cherish having a voice. Having the leeway to share what I believe and what I love. My sweet husband gives me space and support to do what I want. It feels good.

I know with this election many people are feeling negative energies and worries about their freedom being taken away.

Free yourself from the internal war.Notice where you can fill your mind and spirit with other information that is lighter and more up-lifting.

Notice where you can fill your mind and spirit with other information that is lighter and more uplifting.

Find ways to stand for something rather than be against.

Remember what you focus on expands.

Don’t let outside circumstances deter you. Let them wake you up, fuel your passion to live the life you desire.

Little changes like those above can free your mind, body and spirit to greater opportunities.

Where do you feel stuck? How could chakra work help free you?

What will it take for you to find your keys to freedom?

Use Independence Day as a reminder to unleash you from anything holding you back. Negative thoughts, limited thinking or a constricted body.

You hold the key. It begins with you. The choice is yours.

Where will you begin to free yourself so you can live with more power and opportunity?

Happy second half of 2017!

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