How Can Fall Benefit You?

A good way to keep your life evolving is to use the natural rhythms of life.

Fall is upon us. How can this time of year help renew you?

The weather cools down and allows you to be in nature more.

The weather cools down and allows you to be in nature more.

Trees and plants are changing colors, and leaves are falling. How can you shed and bring new colors to your life?

Does football season allow you to connect more with others? Do you feel more camaraderie? Do you have a sense of belonging? Loneliness is an epidemic. Can you reach out to others?

People often like the routine that fall brings. School is back in session. For years, the school calendar ruled my life. Nowadays, life is more about what we can plan. Fall can be better in the RV because it’s not so hot during the day to affect our outdoor plans.

Fall symbolizes abundance and harvest. How can you stop and savor ALL the abundance in your life, whether that’s friendships, health, or wealth?

Why is fall magical for you? Use it to enlighten your life. Use the crunch of the leaves to awaken you to listen more and feel more.

Fall brings shedding. What in your life needs to shed? Think about how you can lighten your load whether physically around your house, whether mental thoughts that can be weighing you down, or whether it is emotional things you are carrying from your past that no longer serve you.

Let this fall remind you there is a season or reason for everything. You weren’t meant to hold on to things. That’s why they can be called burdens.

Fall is to remind you about change. Let that change be wonderful. It’s freeing and light. Like the leaves, things can fall away without hurt or trauma. Leave the stories off. Enjoy the process of letting go.

Autumn can be the season of peace. How can that benefit you where you are right now?

Just think of the word peace and see how you can integrate in your life this fall.

I read that a survey showed people were happier in the fall. Is this true for you? Allow you to cherish this time, then. Allow it to open you in new ways. Ride that happiness.

I love the fall but also resist how I am losing light. I love the long days and nights of light. I’m an early morning person, so I love getting up and getting outside early to do my walks. I’m not as comfortable walking in the dark, so my schedule feels disrupted.

Notice where in your life you might be resisting. How, instead, can you focus more on how fall is benefiting you?

Embrace this time of year.

Think of all the ways it can benefit you, wake you up, and create more peace and relaxation in your life.

How Long Are You Desiring To Live?

How are you planning for your future?

I know there is much talk about how long you will live at this age. There are numerous new books and conversations about aging.

I think the best thing I’ve learned is that YOU and your choices greatly impact how long you will live.

That feels empowering.

That feels promising.

How Long Are You Desiring To Live?

Just like many of the things we told our kids about, thinking ahead, thinking about the choices you are making, and thinking about what you want are also true for this conversation.

Think about the most promising thing you are doing today that will impact your future.

Is it the way you eat?

Is it how you treat your body?

Is it with your thinking?

Notice if you are worn out and not listening to what you need.

Think about the attitude you bring to each day and your decisions. This past week while we were vacationing with our kids and grandkids in Montana, the sewer backed up in Airbnb we were staying at. It was coming out in most of the rooms on the bottom floors, all over our stuff, soaking all their rugs, stinking. We were trying to find enough towels to clean up the disaster. The worst part is that we were supposed to take family pictures. We were taking showers to get ready. The Universe had a different idea. After much chaos and upset, I reminded myself how I can handle this with ease and serenity. I called the landlord and put it in his hands. Around 10 p.m., he finally called out a plumber who fixed the problem.

Life can throw you things you do not want. Living in a more relaxed and focused way can help you live healthier. (even when “shit” happens).

You decide how you want to live.

Food is medicine.

Exercise is a game changer. It helps reduce all kinds of illnesses.

It reduces inflammation.

It changes your mood.

It builds muscles, which keeps you stronger.

Your mind guides your direction on how your life goes.

What are you doing to live longer – as a healthy, vibrant person?

Think about your choices today that impact your health and aging.

Not deciding IS deciding. So if you are the one who thinks I don’t want to think about that, that is a decision. You are giving away your power.

Today, begin to take your life in your hands. Make the best choices you can to enliven your life.

2% better choices, and 2% more willing, can change the course of your life.

What is one (1) thing you can do today? One thing.

Tomorrow ask yourself that same question. Maybe it is the same thing you choose to do. Do that until it becomes a habit.

You can live healthily.

Take it easy on yourself as you shift into something new or different.

What is your intention on how long you’d like to live?

I used to think I wanted to live a long, long time but anymore, but my latest intentions are as long as I can live healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled. I’m working on making that commitment. Some days have better choices than others. But I don’t lose my focus.

Your life matters. Make choices to ensure you live the rest of your life as you intend, even when life throws you curveballs.

How Are You Allowing Yourself To Play Big?

Life will be what you cause it to be.

Where are you sitting inside your heart, doing what your heart desires?

You are a messenger of God.

How are you singing out?

How are you sharing your gifts to open others to theirs? To freeing all?

Looking around and seeing others doing things you crave or desire is a mirror for you. You CAN be like that in your own way. Do you notice writers, actors, or speakers? Something inside of you wants to play bigger. Follow what that might be.

Doesn’t mean you have to be as big as they are at this time, but what is one step you can take to be more of who you are? Closer to being that writer or actor? We were at the Red Earth festival this weekend. We ran into one of the guys in Bo’s art class. He was talking about how he bought 2 new flutes. He’s a musician and wanted to expand his world by seeing how these different flutes could add to his repertoire.

How fun is that? There is always something more, something bigger for you.

What is before you that is calling you to be bigger? You will know—songs, people, or books that pop up for you. I mentioned a few weeks ago Bo is interested in Longevity. He has been sharing tips he has found. Books, articles, and podcasts are popping up all around for him. He’s truly open and willing to know more and be more so that he can live longer. I love that.

It’s fun to notice how life will give you what you need and ask for.

What beliefs do you have about living big? It’s important to know because those beliefs direct your life. You also want to challenge them and see if they are true for you today.

Many of your beliefs you haven’t even been aware of but can when you question why things aren’t happening for you like you want. One of my beliefs is that I had to “Work Hard” doing whatever I was doing. But I now know that working hard is often in resistance to what I want. Because it says things like I think I know how things have to be. If it’s to be, it’s up to me. But guess what happens then? I leave out believing life is for me; I have a power Higher than me that can and will open heaven’s gates for me.

Life is meant to be a flow and will be when you get out of the way and allow it to happen for you.

Do you want more freedom, joy, or fun?

You will live bigger. Your heart will open more; your eyes will twinkle more.

What area of your life is feeling the need to grow? A few decades ago, all I could think about was how to be the best educator I could be. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to be at the top of my game.

But today, I’m in a different phase of my life and want to play big in being free, being a bright light for goodness, and loving more.

If your life is small or you are struggling, life is trying to get your attention. Life is asking you to open up to more possibilities.

Quit thinking you know best.

Quit making life hard.

You were born in the image and likeness of God.

Life is asking you to play bigger.

Life is saying there is something more for you.

As Mike Dooley says, “It’s the inner world that needs adjusting, tweaking, and plucking when the outer world fails to please.”

So, if you notice you aren’t living as big as you know you want, ask yourself what inside needs to be released. Like, “I’m not worthy.” “It’s greedy or not. Godlike to want more.”

How are you living life fully? Watch kids bounce around, pure joy.

Summer is here. Life is lighter and brighter. Calling for new growth, new life.
What does that mean for you and your life?

How can you allow yourself to live bigger and freer?

How Can You Lighten Up To Enjoy Life More?

What will light you up so you can enjoy life more?

How can you give your “DOER” a break and be more of what you want?

Your perception is your reality. Not others. So if you are feeling tense, overwhelmed or upset about life. Take a break and find examples of others around you that seem to be more relaxed about life. Able to take things with ease and serenity. I think about one of my neighbors who has 4 young children. She always seems cool and calm as they go about in a thousand ways. Bo and I both have nieces like that. But both of us had 2 children and can’t imagine what it’s like to coordinate all that. A great example for me to chill.

What do you love to do? Be wild. Go to the edge. Unleash the power within.

  • Is it being with friends? Do more of that, especially when you think you don’t have time. It changes your vibration.
  • Is it quiet time by yourself? Mark that on your calendar. You are worth it. You are filling your emotional bank account. You have more to give when you have something to give, just like gas in the tank.
  • Is it dancing, painting, traveling, or gardening? Go for it.

Feel the energy of just thinking about doing what you love. Imagine doing it.

Feel how you lighten up and feel life is easier.

Instead of dwelling on circumstances, you can choose to lighten up. Take one day at a time and set your intention to do what lights you up.

As Deepak Chopra says, “Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.”

What is that for you? Where do you need to lighten up?

Ask for guidance. You will be amazed at the ideas that can come.

How can you be in more harmony with your body and mind? Watch how the tension changes.

  • Is it that with you’re eating?
  • Is that being more nurturing to yourself?

How can you raise your vibration on the emotional scale? The higher vibrations are lighter and open you to more possibilities. The lower ones on the scale are dense and hard to move through. As a result, life will feel heavy and hard.

Every moment provides you an opportunity to lighten up. It’s better for your health, your attitude, and daily living.​

How can you raise your vibration on the emotional scale?

Look at these colors. For me, I love, love bright colors. They pick me up. Therefore you will probably see me wearing bright things and having bright stuff around my house.

Add more feminine energy of flow and ease rather than using your masculine energy to make sure you get things done. Feel the ease and lightness when you tap into your feminine heart center.

Another way to lighten your load is with gratitude.

  • Dance while you sing out 100 things you have to be grateful for.
  • Say gratitude prayers as you go to sleep and before you step out of bed.

I have a Skylight Photo Frame where pictures appear continuously. The memories are breathtaking. I stay in gratitude for all I have been blessed with.

Life is meant to be fun.

Lighten your life so you can feel the joy of living.

What Road Are You Choosing For Yourself?

In life, you are always “trying to get” someplace. Yet, where is that for you?

Are you spinning on overwhelm to do everything on your schedule?

Is the chatter in your head so much you wonder if you are okay? Will life ever be manageable?

Are you a seeker, like me, thinking I will find the answer with just one more program or idea?

One of the first things to know is what you want for yourself. I know I want to live Healthy, Vibrant, and Fulfilled. Then I must define that for myself – What does my life look like to live a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled life? For me, that is to be active, explore, and help people awaken to a more extraordinary life.

Recently, we took an RV trip to Mackinaw Island, Michigan. Then, we went to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes outside Traverse City, Michigan. At first look from the parking lot, it appears you climb this huge dune, and that’s all. But just like life, there are many roads to choose from once you reach the top, even though you couldn’t see all the choices when you began.

Life keeps giving to you, and it’s up to you to choose the right road for you at that point and time in your life. As this picture shows, there are lots of choices, narrow ones, wider ones, and ones in all different directions.

We chose a path that we saw others going toward. We had no idea of where it was going. Just curious.
The road was up and down. As we kept moving, there was another downhill peak, some way more significant than the one we had just completed. How is that like life?

It was raining, misting, and muggy. We were drenched. Does that affect you? Do you let it stop you in your tracks?

People were coming back so joyful. Kids were running down so loud and playful. The energy was high. I reached out and asked this young couple where they had been. I could tell this path we chose was going on and on. “27 poles and a swim in Lake Michigan,” they shared so excitedly.

Were we going to go for it? We were like at 4 or 5. I thought we had done great.
I had asked Bo if we should take a backpack with some water, but we decided we didn’t need it to climb that ONE DUNE. I should have trusted my instincts to do it just in case.

What road are you choosing for yourself?

At pole 9, there was the biggest drop. We were a little uncertain. Had we done enough? Staring at 10, we could see it was quite the upward challenge. We stopped and pondered if we really wanted to go on. We had already had fun. It felt good to be out there barefoot in the sand, pushing ourselves and enjoying the opportunity and beauty of nature.

What do you use to keep you focused on your path?

I said, “Let’s go halfway.” We got to 14, and I was elated. I said, “Let’s go for it.”

We did. We made it to walk right in Lake Michigan. (See it in the back of us.) I even did a happy dance.

Life is constantly asking you to live more fully, live more of who you are.

What road are you choosing for yourself? What’s holding you back?

Most people are living an unconscious life. Becoming conscious requires you to go deep, question, and become curious. Get in alignment with what you are desiring. You become the observer, noticing more of life and what’s suitable for YOU, not someone else’s guidelines. You realize the greater wisdom is within you, listening to guidance from God or your Higher Power.

Once you choose your direction, you have a better idea of where you might be heading.

  • Could you dedicate your life to your love’s purpose?
  • Could you dedicate your life to slowing down and receiving God’s ideas of goodness and share those?
  • Could you dedicate your life to more excellent health and prosperity for humanity?

We are choosing to live life fully. Explore, sometimes out of our comfort zone, and be open to new possibilities. We are expressions of our highest joy. The Sleeping Bear Dunes gave us that.

What road is calling you today?

Why Live Just Getting By

Is it time to recreate your money story?  How often do you redefine the abundance you desire in your life?  Since starting my business I have used many resources to expand my thinking and enlarging my vision of what is possible for life even at retirement age.

  • I love looking at Fortune magazine, Money magazine, Conde Nast Travel, Fast Company, Forbes.
  • I listen to Tony Robbins and Abraham-Hicks to deepen my knowing.
  • I connect with online businesses like Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo, and Jeanna Gabellini.
  • I am attending a Tony Robbins event this weekend, attended Bo Eason’s event in April to open my world to the greatest possibilities, to be on top of my game, my life.
  • I look at these innovative and profitable companies so that I see a whole new world I haven’t lived or even thought about. Just because it is not in your world does not mean it cannot be in your world.  You have to see it to believe it!
  • It opens me to endless possibilities so I am able to connect with ideas that can teach me about how prosperous I can be, inside and out.

woman money

As you begin thinking about what you want for the next 3 to 6 months or the next 2- 5 years in your life, allow yourself to envision a world larger than you live now. Dream, be childlike. Know that you can have whatever you want if you have the tools and resources to help you get there.  Live Big.  Find people or situations you admire and learn from them.  Let their life story guide you to discover a life full of love, joy and abundance.

Ryan Eliason says, “Success is 90% psychological (inner game) and 10% outer game.”  It’s just why 78% of professional athletes are broke within two years of their final contract.  They haven’t taken the time to recreate their money story and their life.  They have built their life around the fame and prestige of that career.  That works until situations or circumstances change.  Life is full of transitions whether losing a job, retirement, divorce, or an illness.

Is it time for you to recreate your money story?

Without doing the inner work around your money story, the chances of success are slim.  Your mind becomes a barrier to what is possible for your life if you don’t become conscious of what is hiding in there.

  • Who am I now?
  • What do I believe about myself and life now that “that fame and that big salary” (or that title, marriage, or body) are gone?
  • What’s most important to me? What do I really, really, really want? WHY?
  • How do I recreate myself?

What are you willing to discover about your money story so you can release whatever is holding you back from living bigger and having the life you love?

Free yourself.  Take time to dream big.

Join me on my free monthly calls the first Tuesday of each month to Dream Big.