What Is Right And Good In This World?

Your vision matters.

You receive what you focus on.

Live out loud.

Love. Sing praises.

I love people’s stories. They are so inspiring. Each one of us have overcome some pretty amazing feats. Sometimes just to get through the day is quite an ordeal. It all needs to be celebrated. Just like the Texas Rangers winning the World Series this year. They have been a franchise over 60 years. In Texas since 1972, without winning a championship. They kept adjusting. They found what was right.

What are you doing right and good? Maybe you are one of the many who is taking care of others. What a gift you are.

The more you love yourself, you are able to love others which sends great vibrations into the Universe.

What channel are you on? Just like a television or radio, you hear what is on THAT station.

Are you focusing on what is right and good in the world?

Or are you looking at what’s wrong and complaining about how things are?

Vivian Greene says it well with, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

How could you help make things better? Where is the good in you?

As Ernest Holmes, stated, “The world that seems so foul or exquisite becomes to you what you become to it.”

You have a choice.

The collective, as well as the media, know how to garner your attention. They must scare you emotionally to show you the worst-case scenarios.

Stop choosing things to do or see that aren’t making you feel good. Slowly, you will be defeated and feel sluggish or yuk. Momentum builds.

How you feel matters.

Most humans are good and want good for themselves and others.

Keep reminding yourself to pay attention to what you desire and what matters to you. There’s good in that.

Immerse yourself in what is good and right for you, whether that is in your work, relationships, or life. Find the joy and excitement for yourself.

Joy is contagious.

What creates a Divine spark for you? To bring you to a higher vibration of sharing your love and gratitude for all the goodness you have been given. For all the goodness in life.

Where is your attention?

Decide to become more conscious of how you are living life. Decide to feel empowered by knowing you are in charge of how your life will go. Decide to spread goodness.

Each day find 5 good things about you and about the world around you.

Think about the volunteer organizations you enjoy and all the good they do.

Think about causes that people start because of their passions.

Think about the food trains people start when someone needs support.

Life is full of wonderful, kind and caring people. Let it become your point of interest.

The world needs more love and joy. Let it begin with you.

How Can You Focus More On What You Want Than What You Don’t Want?

Think about how good your life would feel if most of your thoughts aligned with your highest good and desires. Feel what that is like. Really enjoy and take in that feeling. Know that it is there for you.

The trouble is that most of us focus on what we don’t want. The pain we are feeling, the lack of money, or the crazy political world. What if, instead, you acknowledge the reality of what is happening BUT then focus on what you want about the situations in your life that upset you? Stay focused on the solution, the hope of resolution, or the image of what IS possible.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “We are all Vibrational Beings. You’re like a receiving mechanism: when you set your tuner to the state, you will hear what’s playing. Whatever you are focused on is how you set your tuner, and when you focus there for as little as 17 seconds, you activate that vibration within you. Once you activate a vibration within you, the Law of Attraction begins responding to it, and you’re off and running, whether it’s something wanted or unwanted.”

Think about your finances, your physical health, and your relationships. Take each one and do a free write about where you are with each area and where you want to be. Write out the mind chatter too. As for me, I love that I have my teacher retirement and social security coming in because they provide me with lots of freedom and fun to do things I desire. But, when the pool heater goes out, and it costs $4500 for a new one and approximately $2,000 more for the gas line to be fixed, I can go on a rant. I can be in lots of resistance about why that is; it’s not worth it. I am not focused on what I want. Yes, I need to express all my feelings and such. I need to acknowledge what is there. But, if I stay in that ranting or resistance energy, I will get more of those situations. I need to think more about what I want – a pool heater that works so we can enjoy the hot tub.

I can change to a new vibration of what’s possible, how can this be easy, or what if something magical could happen for me. Then someone or something you haven’t even thought of can show up, like a neighbor who suggested someone who does this.
Notice what you discover as you do these three areas of your life. Are you focused more on what you want or what you don’t?

Your mind is limited to what you know. If you stay in the density of the problem, there is no space to hear or see other ideas. You are not open to receiving.

Begin each day by deciding what you want and want to experience. Like feeling good and peaceful, and life flows. So no matter what happens in your day, go back to these feelings or ideas you decided you wanted to experience. It’s your choice.

You decide with your focus and intentions how you want your life to go each day.

You decide all day.

Decide to become more conscious about choosing what you want rather than what you don’t.

Catch yourself. “There I go again, speaking and sharing about what I don’t want.”
Give yourself a break, and have compassion and grace. It will take time.

Those patterns are embedded in how you do life.

Awareness is the first step in changing unwanted behaviors.

Once you become aware of how you are handling upsetting or disruptive situations, you can choose again.

Life is meant to be easy and flowing. It is when you decide you can have more of what you want. When you believe life is for you.

Don’t let fear and old habits run your life today.

Be open to new channels to receive more of what you desire.

What are you committed to today? Celebrate all the ways that happens for you.

The more you reinforce your desire, the more that will come to you.
Focus more on what you want.

How Can You Create Your Heaven On Earth?

Your decisions create your day and your life.

Did you know and realize you can create your heaven on earth?

First, you define what heaven on earth is for you.

Can you imagine envisioning the life you truly desire to live? Peaceful, joyful, and loving.

Well, that is what life is meant to be. Free to create and live that life.

Your focus directs your life. It is really important to become aware of what your focus is. More heaven, feeling heavenly? Where are YOU focusing?

Too often, most people wander through life, not even realizing what they focus on. They live by a schedule, chores, or whatever happens.

As Mooji shares, “When a man pursues experience, he becomes the body. When he pursues knowledge, he becomes the mind. When he pursues God, he becomes the Heart. When he pursues Truth, he becomes Nothing.”

What you believe in is how your life is created.

Your faith guides your path.

If you know and believe you ARE resourced by your Higher Good and all the goodness around, you can lighten up and find your desires more easily. Life is more like a flow. There is little resistance or density.

A Higher Power guides you if you listen and follow what you hear and know. You will notice how things flow and heaven’s gates open. But you must remove the obstacles you’ve built, otherwise often known as hell or hard times in life. Those are important content for you to understand in building heaven on earth. Often to soften you, open you to greater possibilities you wouldn’t otherwise see,

I know one of my big growths was moving from thinking everything I wanted was in the material world. I only knew that dimension. I didn’t understand being. I knew getting, fixing, and trying hard.

Life is more heavenly every day as I move towards being – being the kindest, lightest, and most loving person I can. And, yes, that does involve my being in the material world, the physical world. But it’s who I am as I move through this world. It’s what kind of instrument I am as I am orchestrating this world I live in. I’m looking for heaven. I’m clearing the pathways that hold me down, feel uncomfortable or curt.

I am open to hearing, receiving and sharing what I’ve been given.

I have notes that remind me of where I want to go:

“Today I am devoted to looking for and following the light of the Holy Spirit.”

“Turn only to love and God as my source of life in every instance.”


“I allow my Higher Self to lead the way.”

Feel how these comments lead you closer to heaven or a heavenly feeling.

What do you have surrounding you to help you focus on living a more heavenly life?

As you look back over your past, you can probably recognize how you were guided to great decisions and didn’t listen and went off track.

The off-track areas are often some of the greatest ways to truly know what your heaven on earth is for you. They offer you the contrast of what doesn’t feel good to you.
When there is enough pain, you are more open to options of what else might be available. It helps you define your heaven. It helps you decide it’s time to try something else, a new way or another possibility.

How can you truly know you are made of the substance of God? You are that. How can you live more like that? Feel that? Pure Divine.

Do you really know your own Divinity? Can you honor and appreciate moments you do realize that?

John-Rogers, DSS says it so eloquently, “As you manifest greater Light and love in this world, you become that child of God in more complete ways. You begin to tune into that Spirit within, that Light, and use it to uplift and bring joy to yourself and others. You tune into the love inside you, the love God has for you, and you use that to bring love to everyone you meet.”

There are so many ways you can live in heaven on earth when you intend it to guide your life. When you decide that is more how you want to feel and live.

What do you need today to help you live more like heaven on earth?

What Road Are You Choosing For Yourself?

In life, you are always “trying to get” someplace. Yet, where is that for you?

Are you spinning on overwhelm to do everything on your schedule?

Is the chatter in your head so much you wonder if you are okay? Will life ever be manageable?

Are you a seeker, like me, thinking I will find the answer with just one more program or idea?

One of the first things to know is what you want for yourself. I know I want to live Healthy, Vibrant, and Fulfilled. Then I must define that for myself – What does my life look like to live a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled life? For me, that is to be active, explore, and help people awaken to a more extraordinary life.

Recently, we took an RV trip to Mackinaw Island, Michigan. Then, we went to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes outside Traverse City, Michigan. At first look from the parking lot, it appears you climb this huge dune, and that’s all. But just like life, there are many roads to choose from once you reach the top, even though you couldn’t see all the choices when you began.

Life keeps giving to you, and it’s up to you to choose the right road for you at that point and time in your life. As this picture shows, there are lots of choices, narrow ones, wider ones, and ones in all different directions.

We chose a path that we saw others going toward. We had no idea of where it was going. Just curious.
The road was up and down. As we kept moving, there was another downhill peak, some way more significant than the one we had just completed. How is that like life?

It was raining, misting, and muggy. We were drenched. Does that affect you? Do you let it stop you in your tracks?

People were coming back so joyful. Kids were running down so loud and playful. The energy was high. I reached out and asked this young couple where they had been. I could tell this path we chose was going on and on. “27 poles and a swim in Lake Michigan,” they shared so excitedly.

Were we going to go for it? We were like at 4 or 5. I thought we had done great.
I had asked Bo if we should take a backpack with some water, but we decided we didn’t need it to climb that ONE DUNE. I should have trusted my instincts to do it just in case.

What road are you choosing for yourself?

At pole 9, there was the biggest drop. We were a little uncertain. Had we done enough? Staring at 10, we could see it was quite the upward challenge. We stopped and pondered if we really wanted to go on. We had already had fun. It felt good to be out there barefoot in the sand, pushing ourselves and enjoying the opportunity and beauty of nature.

What do you use to keep you focused on your path?

I said, “Let’s go halfway.” We got to 14, and I was elated. I said, “Let’s go for it.”

We did. We made it to walk right in Lake Michigan. (See it in the back of us.) I even did a happy dance.

Life is constantly asking you to live more fully, live more of who you are.

What road are you choosing for yourself? What’s holding you back?

Most people are living an unconscious life. Becoming conscious requires you to go deep, question, and become curious. Get in alignment with what you are desiring. You become the observer, noticing more of life and what’s suitable for YOU, not someone else’s guidelines. You realize the greater wisdom is within you, listening to guidance from God or your Higher Power.

Once you choose your direction, you have a better idea of where you might be heading.

  • Could you dedicate your life to your love’s purpose?
  • Could you dedicate your life to slowing down and receiving God’s ideas of goodness and share those?
  • Could you dedicate your life to more excellent health and prosperity for humanity?

We are choosing to live life fully. Explore, sometimes out of our comfort zone, and be open to new possibilities. We are expressions of our highest joy. The Sleeping Bear Dunes gave us that.

What road is calling you today?

The Most Incredible Article about Saying “No” You’ll Ever Read

Your dream is on the other side of saying “no”. You have the opportunity to create and change anything you desire. The journey to your Higher Self teaches what’s most important to you through the adventure of your choices. Some of your choices move you in the direction of your dreams and some choices take you on detours.

Successful people know the cause and effect of the choices they make. They are clear about where they are going. They know the consequences and what it costs when you allow life or others to decide what you will do.
How committed are you to your dreams? I say I am, but recently I realized how quickly my day can change.

Do you say “yes” when you mean “no”? I have been.

  • I don’t have healthy boundaries.
  • I’m afraid to use the magical word, “no”.
  • I find myself allowing other people or things to take charge of my life, to change the direction of my day. I don’t want to disappoint or upset them.
  • I don’t stay focused or clear about what I want. I let their agenda change mine.

Instead, as Stephen Covey shares speaking up with a “no” is a powerful way to saying “yes” to that which you value most important. 

This notion of not speaking up came up for me because I noticed our plans got scrapped because someone else said it was going to be another way. I was unusually upset. It wasn’t the first time this scenario had happened. I knew it was time for me to do some inner work and dig into what I needed from this because of my reaction. (What I do know is whatever is happening in my outer world is an opportunity to become my Higher Self if I allow it).

As I began asking what I needed and what type of person would on a whim decide the plans of others would be different, I realized this person was mirroring something I could use. They said what they wanted, they had the courage to speak up, and they didn’t worry about upsetting us. I needed the reminder. It was time for me to step up, be bold, be confident about what I needed so I can keep moving forward to my dream of creating my business.

The journey to your Higher Self is magical if you take time to listen what it is sending you.

Where can some self-discovery into your patterns help you live your best life and get you back on track to living your dreams? Anywhere you notice that you are out of sorts is feedback for you to discover the message. Whether you are angry about a situation like I was or you are hurt, saddened, it’s an opportunity to search below the feeling to find what is needed for you to move on.

You matter. Your dream matters. How could it be safe for you to say “no” even if it upsets others? Where do you need some courage to speak up for your dreams, for the transformation you want?

Speak up, say “no” to choices that are keeping you stuck in the past rather than propelling you toward your inspiring future.

Share with me where you need to say “no” to keep your dreams alive. How can I support you?

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