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What are you putting off for “someday?” Someday is not one of the days of the week. What are your excuses and justifications that you are using to put off what you want? “When I retire.” “I don’t have the time.” “I’m too busy.” Bronnie Ware is the author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. She talks about the regrets people have, the guilt and the pain because they didn’t live the life they wanted. A few of the common regrets she talked about are: Wished Read More

What Matters to You

One of the benefits of aging is that you tend to have greater clarity about what matters to you. And, an unwillingness to get involved in things that others think you “should” do or that don’t fill you up. It allows you to narrow down what works for you and what doesn’t. As you go through your days and your life, and the choices you make, are you paying attention to what matters to you and what feels right for YOU? Have you taken the time to get clear about what you want for Read More

Explore The Freedom Calling You

Explore The Freedom Calling You In honor of observing, July 4th, Independence Day, I felt like it was the perfect time to think about freedom and what that means to your life today. I think for the most part, people rarely think about the actual purpose of this holiday. But, with Brexit fresh on our mind’s, it certainly shows how: People want something new. People are fed up with the way things have been done. Yes, it’s a time here that many are fed up, too. So you could Read More

Is What You are Doing Helping You Reach Your Maximum Potential

Is What You are Doing Helping You Reach Your Maximum Potential Summer is almost here. For many people, summer is a time to enjoy life, take vacations and have a more relaxing lifestyle. Summer generally has people outside more, enjoying nature and spending time with friends and family. Just like the picture above. My husband painted this picture, of one of our favorite hiking trails in Tahoe, for his high school football coach who wasn’t doing well. Take notice how much lighter Read More

What does freedom mean for you?

What freedoms do you feel based on where you live? What does freedom mean for you? Have you been involved with any movements for more freedom? Change happens as you move with your passion. Is freedom a driving force for you to be committed to create some

What does commitment mean to you?

Where in your life is it easy for you to make a commitment?  Where is it harder for you to stay committed?  Dig deep and see what patterns are there.  Is there a certain area of your life that it happens in?  Ask yourself, what is it that keeps you from following through with your commitment?  Are you sabotaging your efforts?  What is that about? What would it take to make a shift so that you would be able to follow through with your commitments in all areas of your

What type of adventures do you take?

Adventures wake you up to life’s possibilities. What type of adventures do you take? Where in your life do you allow yourself to trek into the unknown or vastness of life? What happens for you when you take an adventure? What adventure are you willing to commit to in your life to awaken you to more of life? To put some more fun into your life? Be willing to take that

What are your fantasies?

What have been some of your fantasies in your life? How have you used them? Have you created something from them? Think of at least one fantasy you have had that you have not done anything about. What action could you take to move that from a fantasy – just wishing or hoping – to a reality in your life? Take that step this week. Commit to moving forward in your

Where are you letting fear rob your joy?

How does fear rule your life? Where in your life do you allow fear to take over your desires? I skied for years successfully and was really pretty good. I loved the fun, beauty and adventure of skiing. Recently, we went skiing. Prior to this trip, I had an accident on the last run of the day so I was quite afraid as we began this adventure. Why, did I let that one accident override all the years and fun I had had? Fear… I took a lesson in hopes that my skills would override the fear I had Read More

What dreams do you have burning inside of you?

What dreams do you have burning inside of you? What thoughts are you thinking about how to make them come true? Are you using fantasy thinking that someday when I have the time or have enough money to retire? Or, could you use some discipline to help create your dream? Write out your dream. See it clearly. Then ask yourself, what action step could I take today to bring that dream closer to reality? Start out doing something 3 times a week. Then increase the number of days you are doing Read More