What Are You Being Busy About?

Life is busy.
It is said that 90% of doctor visits are from stress and feeling overwhelmed.  
It’s time to break that down and reflect upon what that is about for you.  
To live a healthy life, you need to be aware and reflective about the choices you are making and their impact on your life.
Where are you spending most of your time?  Look at your calendar.  
Is your calendar filled with things you SAY are your priorities?  Do you know what your priorities are?  Have you clearly defined them? Not just what happens in the next moments.
Is it on the pressure you feel from what you are SUPPOSED to be doing?
Is it some fear that you AREN’T ENOUGH if you don’t do these things?
Notice where you are doing in your life and this week and how that contrasts with what you say is most important to you.  That is the busyness and stress.  
When you aren’t aligned with what you say is most important and what your actions are, what is causing the stress and busyness in your life?
I often go back to Stephen Covey’s, The Big Rocks.  The big rocks are your priorities, the things most important to you.  Often said as a family, work, health, and spiritual connection.  Covey says you must put your big rocks in first, or you won’t find time for them because of all life can throw at you.  I know when I was learning this for years, each week, as I was scheduling my week, I set time for things I deemed most important.  Like time with my kids, not just taking them to all their activities.  Time to work out for mental, emotional, and physical health. Before I did anything else, I developed a morning meditation practice and spiritual readings to position my mind and be in a healthy space to help deal with all life was offering me.  Today, these are just part of who I am and how I live.
What are you busy with?  Where is your stress and overwhelm coming from?
Begin dealing with what is right before you.  
Notice where you are out of balance.  
Life is rarely in balance.  When you are making choices that are meaningful for you and for what’s important to you, then life seems easier.  But first, you must notice and take charge.  Notice where you are out of balance, and tend to that so you won’t feel overwhelmed or punish yourself for it.
If you feel out of control, you are working off a victim mentality.  Start there.  You do have a choice, every moment.  STOP.  Take a few breaths and ask yourself what is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself now. You ARE in charge of your life. 
Choose balance.  Choose you.  Choose what’s healthy for you.  
If you don’t, you know how easily you can rail out of control, act impulsively, and often regretfully.
What is the one area of your life that could give you the greatest impact of being centered, calm, and content?   Is it gardening, running, reading, or quilting?
Do that.
When you do what you love, you are in a different energy and feel better about yourself and all that you have before you.  You relax.  You feel in charge.  You are in the mindset of fun, ease, and joy.
You lose the feelings of being stressed, and life is too much.
As Tony Robbins says, “Change your physiology and change your life.”  
It doesn’t take much to change the energy and vibration of what is occurring in your life.  
Your attitude is the deciding factor: 90% attitude, 10% circumstances.  
What are you busy with?
What do you truly want?
As one of my calendar quotes says, “When you value inner peace above everything else, you really do change how you respond to the world.”
Decide how you want your life to be.  It’s up to you to make it happen.  
Life can take over if you allow it.  
How are you deciding what you want your life to be?
Be “busy” making the life you want to happen. See what a difference your life can be.
Change being busy to being busy with what you truly desire.

How Committed Are You?

Think about something you have desired for a while. Are you discouraged and believing it won’t come true? Or do you trust that things will happen for you at the right time?

Every day you choose whether you are moving closer or further from what you wish.

Listen to your talk about it – “It’s impossible.” “It can’t happen for me.” “It’s not that easy.”

Do you have beliefs around your desire that it has to happen within your timeline?

As one of my daily calendar comments says, “Once you set an intention, the whole Universe reshuffles so you can access it. It gives you signs and inspiration to get you there, no matter how improbable. Every choice you make either brings you closer to your goal or takes you further away.”

What’s your commitment?

Attitude is 90% of whatever happens for you.

Do everything you can to connect more and more to what you desire. Deepen your beliefs that it will happen for you.

It can be easier to talk about all the whys it can’t happen. It’s easy to retreat to habits and old patterns.

I’m asking you to double down on your commitment to what you desire. As one of my mentors says, “Just 2% more. 2% more present to what it is you desire. 2% more willing to receive it.”

Do you feel powerful about life or a victim of life? People who believe in themselves know they have a choice about what happens in their lives.

Step into your power and commitment. One of my big commitments is to live healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled.

I have to keep that focus front and center. I need to be sure I know what that means for me. That’s refining all the time.

I have to make more choices and decisions in that direction. I listen more and more to my body about how it feels and what it needs rather than leading by pushing and thinking I know best.

I have to choose to open my heart and arms to all the good life is bringing me. Acknowledge it, and appreciate it.

A grateful mind is in a state of receivership.

What is your biggest desire right now? Think about your commitment. Is your desire more like a passing thing, or is it something you are willing to do the work and take action? One of our grandsons wants to play basketball better. His dad told him to shoot 150 baskets a day. He has been doing it, and in the last few games, he has scored baskets and extra points. He is committed.

Commitment is a choice, all day and every day. Not perfection, but focus and action toward what you want in thoughts, words, and deeds.

Look inside yourself and decide whether it sounds good or something you truly desire. Sometimes the desire is to please others or look good. If that is your case, then that is maybe why things aren’t going in your favor.

Make your commitments to what is true for you.

Know that your story ends in victory. You don’t have to know how or when; know deep inside, life provides you with your highest and greatest good.

What are you committed to?

How Can You Focus More On What You Want Than What You Don’t Want?

Think about how good your life would feel if most of your thoughts aligned with your highest good and desires. Feel what that is like. Really enjoy and take in that feeling. Know that it is there for you.

The trouble is that most of us focus on what we don’t want. The pain we are feeling, the lack of money, or the crazy political world. What if, instead, you acknowledge the reality of what is happening BUT then focus on what you want about the situations in your life that upset you? Stay focused on the solution, the hope of resolution, or the image of what IS possible.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “We are all Vibrational Beings. You’re like a receiving mechanism: when you set your tuner to the state, you will hear what’s playing. Whatever you are focused on is how you set your tuner, and when you focus there for as little as 17 seconds, you activate that vibration within you. Once you activate a vibration within you, the Law of Attraction begins responding to it, and you’re off and running, whether it’s something wanted or unwanted.”

Think about your finances, your physical health, and your relationships. Take each one and do a free write about where you are with each area and where you want to be. Write out the mind chatter too. As for me, I love that I have my teacher retirement and social security coming in because they provide me with lots of freedom and fun to do things I desire. But, when the pool heater goes out, and it costs $4500 for a new one and approximately $2,000 more for the gas line to be fixed, I can go on a rant. I can be in lots of resistance about why that is; it’s not worth it. I am not focused on what I want. Yes, I need to express all my feelings and such. I need to acknowledge what is there. But, if I stay in that ranting or resistance energy, I will get more of those situations. I need to think more about what I want – a pool heater that works so we can enjoy the hot tub.

I can change to a new vibration of what’s possible, how can this be easy, or what if something magical could happen for me. Then someone or something you haven’t even thought of can show up, like a neighbor who suggested someone who does this.
Notice what you discover as you do these three areas of your life. Are you focused more on what you want or what you don’t?

Your mind is limited to what you know. If you stay in the density of the problem, there is no space to hear or see other ideas. You are not open to receiving.

Begin each day by deciding what you want and want to experience. Like feeling good and peaceful, and life flows. So no matter what happens in your day, go back to these feelings or ideas you decided you wanted to experience. It’s your choice.

You decide with your focus and intentions how you want your life to go each day.

You decide all day.

Decide to become more conscious about choosing what you want rather than what you don’t.

Catch yourself. “There I go again, speaking and sharing about what I don’t want.”
Give yourself a break, and have compassion and grace. It will take time.

Those patterns are embedded in how you do life.

Awareness is the first step in changing unwanted behaviors.

Once you become aware of how you are handling upsetting or disruptive situations, you can choose again.

Life is meant to be easy and flowing. It is when you decide you can have more of what you want. When you believe life is for you.

Don’t let fear and old habits run your life today.

Be open to new channels to receive more of what you desire.

What are you committed to today? Celebrate all the ways that happens for you.

The more you reinforce your desire, the more that will come to you.
Focus more on what you want.

What Do You See In The Mirror?

How do you see yourself? Magnificent.Loving.Kind.One with God.

Who are you? Your Highest Self or your small self.

Who are you today? Are you making it the same as you were in your 20s, 40s, 60s?

You are different today than you were in other decades of your life. 

Are you living like that difference?

What else is possible? Choose to allow more of your Higher Self to show through.

One of the big revelations on the hero’s journey is to uncover all the masks you wear that were created from your past. From the patterns, you used to survive and live life.

Decide when and where those masks and patterns came to be.

Find all the ways you have made yourself wrong. See if you are still holding things against you.

Choose a new look, a new story.

As Dr. Kim D’Eramo shares, the ways we suffer are from:

Letting our past dictate our present
Living from the future
Limiting ourselves based on the roles we identify with

Allowing the opinions of others to control our choices

Who do you see in the mirror from these each of these areas?

Let them go.

Today is a new day.
Think about all the images you have made for yourself over your lifetime. Which ones most guide your life today? Are they helpful in creating the life you desire?

How can you release yourself from old images and judgments of who you think you are to be so you can believe in yourself in a bigger way?

Let something Higher show up for you.

How can that mirror be more like the one you truly are?

Be easy on yourself, easy and loving.

Hopefully, by this time in your life, you have opened to more compassion and grace so you can see who you REALLY are.

Who do you want to be? Who do you want to see in the mirror?

A helpful tool for finding out who you are and what’s holding you back is to do mirror work. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself up and down. Notice what you feel and what you are saying. Tell yourself how much you love you. Every bit of you. Notice where it works and where you look away. Ponder why is that. What makes it easy to accept parts of you and not others?

Chart a path to self-acceptance and unconditional love for yourself based on what comes up as you do the mirror work.

The intention is to love who you are and what you see. More than the physical body.

It is an important part of becoming who you want to be.

Are you willing to take the first step? It will free you. You will see fewer wrinkles and frowns in the mirror.

How committed are you to becoming your Higher Self so that you are free when you look in the mirror?

Be who you are meant to be.

Think of Michael Jackson’s song, Man In The Mirror,
“I’m gonna make a change
For once in my life
It’s gonna feel real good
Gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right”

Who do you see in the mirror? Go deeper.

Abraham-Hicks says, “So why am I who I am, and why am I born to who I am born to, and why is it set up the way it is set up?” We say, “For the fun of it. For the joy of it. For the expansion of it. For the growth of it. For the difference in it. For the desire producing value in it.”

Who are you today? How close are you to who you want to be?

What steps could you take today so you freely and lovingly look in the mirror?

Love the one you see.

Today Is A New Day And A New Opportunity

Something amazingly awesome will happen for you today. What could that be?

What is the opportunity awaiting you today?

Be open. Be willing to allow something new in.

As Reverend Christie Hardwick says, “Whatever this day means to you, it has value and possibility. Allow that to be if it calls for love, laughter, and celebration. If it calls for tears and reflection, let that be. This is the richness of our human experience.”

Can you awaken with joy and expect wonderful things to happen to you?

Notice how life is for you and how it gets more fabulous every day when you expect great things to come to you.

Is your heart open and allowing life to shower you with goodness?

The more you love, no matter how that is, the more love comes to you.

Is that loving your pet?
Is it loving your morning walk?
Is it loving this time of year?

Love raises your vibration, so more things at that vibration come to you.

Feel what a blessing today is. Love life.

Think about things like:

What is most harmonizing for your health? Is it as simple as sitting still and breathing deep?

What creates the most abundance for you? Notice how abundance comes to you like the numerous buds that open on your flowers. It’s all around you.

What rings your bell, brings great laughter and ease to your life?

Make living fully your commitment and devotion. No matter what you are facing.

Let living life be more your focus than all that is wrong or hard. Your focus matters.

Let today be a new day. Not a groundhog day, repeating yesterday and the day before, and day before.

Let YOUR light shine. It’s a new day.

Walk out your front door with new eyes, an open heart and a mind willing to see another way.

What is waiting for you?

How Can You Create Your Heaven On Earth?

Your decisions create your day and your life.

Did you know and realize you can create your heaven on earth?

First, you define what heaven on earth is for you.

Can you imagine envisioning the life you truly desire to live? Peaceful, joyful, and loving.

Well, that is what life is meant to be. Free to create and live that life.

Your focus directs your life. It is really important to become aware of what your focus is. More heaven, feeling heavenly? Where are YOU focusing?

Too often, most people wander through life, not even realizing what they focus on. They live by a schedule, chores, or whatever happens.

As Mooji shares, “When a man pursues experience, he becomes the body. When he pursues knowledge, he becomes the mind. When he pursues God, he becomes the Heart. When he pursues Truth, he becomes Nothing.”

What you believe in is how your life is created.

Your faith guides your path.

If you know and believe you ARE resourced by your Higher Good and all the goodness around, you can lighten up and find your desires more easily. Life is more like a flow. There is little resistance or density.

A Higher Power guides you if you listen and follow what you hear and know. You will notice how things flow and heaven’s gates open. But you must remove the obstacles you’ve built, otherwise often known as hell or hard times in life. Those are important content for you to understand in building heaven on earth. Often to soften you, open you to greater possibilities you wouldn’t otherwise see,

I know one of my big growths was moving from thinking everything I wanted was in the material world. I only knew that dimension. I didn’t understand being. I knew getting, fixing, and trying hard.

Life is more heavenly every day as I move towards being – being the kindest, lightest, and most loving person I can. And, yes, that does involve my being in the material world, the physical world. But it’s who I am as I move through this world. It’s what kind of instrument I am as I am orchestrating this world I live in. I’m looking for heaven. I’m clearing the pathways that hold me down, feel uncomfortable or curt.

I am open to hearing, receiving and sharing what I’ve been given.

I have notes that remind me of where I want to go:

“Today I am devoted to looking for and following the light of the Holy Spirit.”

“Turn only to love and God as my source of life in every instance.”


“I allow my Higher Self to lead the way.”

Feel how these comments lead you closer to heaven or a heavenly feeling.

What do you have surrounding you to help you focus on living a more heavenly life?

As you look back over your past, you can probably recognize how you were guided to great decisions and didn’t listen and went off track.

The off-track areas are often some of the greatest ways to truly know what your heaven on earth is for you. They offer you the contrast of what doesn’t feel good to you.
When there is enough pain, you are more open to options of what else might be available. It helps you define your heaven. It helps you decide it’s time to try something else, a new way or another possibility.

How can you truly know you are made of the substance of God? You are that. How can you live more like that? Feel that? Pure Divine.

Do you really know your own Divinity? Can you honor and appreciate moments you do realize that?

John-Rogers, DSS says it so eloquently, “As you manifest greater Light and love in this world, you become that child of God in more complete ways. You begin to tune into that Spirit within, that Light, and use it to uplift and bring joy to yourself and others. You tune into the love inside you, the love God has for you, and you use that to bring love to everyone you meet.”

There are so many ways you can live in heaven on earth when you intend it to guide your life. When you decide that is more how you want to feel and live.

What do you need today to help you live more like heaven on earth?

How Are You Allowing Yourself To Play Big?

Life will be what you cause it to be.

Where are you sitting inside your heart, doing what your heart desires?

You are a messenger of God.

How are you singing out?

How are you sharing your gifts to open others to theirs? To freeing all?

Looking around and seeing others doing things you crave or desire is a mirror for you. You CAN be like that in your own way. Do you notice writers, actors, or speakers? Something inside of you wants to play bigger. Follow what that might be.

Doesn’t mean you have to be as big as they are at this time, but what is one step you can take to be more of who you are? Closer to being that writer or actor? We were at the Red Earth festival this weekend. We ran into one of the guys in Bo’s art class. He was talking about how he bought 2 new flutes. He’s a musician and wanted to expand his world by seeing how these different flutes could add to his repertoire.

How fun is that? There is always something more, something bigger for you.

What is before you that is calling you to be bigger? You will know—songs, people, or books that pop up for you. I mentioned a few weeks ago Bo is interested in Longevity. He has been sharing tips he has found. Books, articles, and podcasts are popping up all around for him. He’s truly open and willing to know more and be more so that he can live longer. I love that.

It’s fun to notice how life will give you what you need and ask for.

What beliefs do you have about living big? It’s important to know because those beliefs direct your life. You also want to challenge them and see if they are true for you today.

Many of your beliefs you haven’t even been aware of but can when you question why things aren’t happening for you like you want. One of my beliefs is that I had to “Work Hard” doing whatever I was doing. But I now know that working hard is often in resistance to what I want. Because it says things like I think I know how things have to be. If it’s to be, it’s up to me. But guess what happens then? I leave out believing life is for me; I have a power Higher than me that can and will open heaven’s gates for me.

Life is meant to be a flow and will be when you get out of the way and allow it to happen for you.

Do you want more freedom, joy, or fun?

You will live bigger. Your heart will open more; your eyes will twinkle more.

What area of your life is feeling the need to grow? A few decades ago, all I could think about was how to be the best educator I could be. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to be at the top of my game.

But today, I’m in a different phase of my life and want to play big in being free, being a bright light for goodness, and loving more.

If your life is small or you are struggling, life is trying to get your attention. Life is asking you to open up to more possibilities.

Quit thinking you know best.

Quit making life hard.

You were born in the image and likeness of God.

Life is asking you to play bigger.

Life is saying there is something more for you.

As Mike Dooley says, “It’s the inner world that needs adjusting, tweaking, and plucking when the outer world fails to please.”

So, if you notice you aren’t living as big as you know you want, ask yourself what inside needs to be released. Like, “I’m not worthy.” “It’s greedy or not. Godlike to want more.”

How are you living life fully? Watch kids bounce around, pure joy.

Summer is here. Life is lighter and brighter. Calling for new growth, new life.
What does that mean for you and your life?

How can you allow yourself to live bigger and freer?

How Are You Raising Your Vibration To Live More Fully?

The world is full of possibilities. Yet we allow ourselves to be small, stuck in our little worlds.

Your comfort zone often restricts you from living more fully.

We are afraid to live big and feel good.

I was conversing with a friend I hadn’t seen in years this past week. She reflected on the past twenty years when she was courageous enough to leap – accept a different job and move out of state. We laughed and laughed. We honored how huge of a decision that was and how she has seen the world because of that decision. The people from her small hometown have been so afraid for her and wondered how she could go there and there even after all these years of thriving. Their world is a tiny box. Hers is expanded. She is living fully, prosperous, and content. She is on fire.

How can you choose something higher? What would it be like to live in a Higher Energy?

Be curious.

Let joy be your mission.

Feel times when you are joyful. You are light-hearted, easy, and full of life. You are vibrating high energy and attracting lots of goodness to your life.

Good is natural.

Joy opens your heart.

When you are full of joy, you are full of God, goodness, and love. Whether that be with yourself, life, or whatever you are experiencing.

The number #1 thing that could change your life is always being in your HIGHEST vibration in whatever you are doing. Start any activity, conversation, or thought by putting yourself in the greatest vibration you can. Feel the joy of it, the fun, or the possibility. It changes the energy.

Use Divine Power in practical ways.

The highest vibrations are when you are in joy, freedom, peace, and love.

Find ways to be in those energies. I know sometimes it is not available, but find ways to make steps to raise your vibration. Like if you are discouragement, notice that. Notice what you are feeling; make it right. But see if you could shift that a little bit to a better feeling like a disappointment. It releases some of the density and resistance. It allows a better feeling of energy to have some space to lift you up.

Seek a bigger life today, whether that is buying the house you want or selling everything to buy a motorhome and travel.

Free yourself. Feel your energy rising.

What pumps you up?

What’s blocking you? Too much responsibility – see how you can free some reins. Old beliefs?

Are you being a martyr thinking only you can do this?

Are you carrying an old vision of this “what women must do?”

Ask yourself if this is true. Yes, it was for you then, but does it have to be that way today? Crazy how long we carry those beliefs without even looking at them.

Raise your vibration by letting go and shedding the past that no longer serves you.

How are you investing in raising your vibration?

As John-Rogers, DSS shares, “When you are loyal to yourself, you develop inner reference points of peace, contentment and a sense of worthiness.”

Believe you deserve to feel good, have good, and live good.

The truth to being in a higher vibration is to find what feels good and do everything you can to stay there or return to feeling good. Nothing complicated. It is really simple. Yet so much of life we thought was about achieving, getting, and rushing. Feel good first. Then all the other falls into place.

Life will give you what you expect. Expect the best. Positive expectations are a high vibration. See if there is something you can have positive expectations about. Like today, you get to see your grandkids. Today the sun is out, and you can go for a walk. Note when you have those higher feelings – more will come to you.

I know that my vibration is high when I start my day meditating and walking outdoors. I can feel myself buzzing. I can delight in the birds singing, the sun rising, and my body feeling healthy.

What are you doing to raise your vibration to live your highest life?

What makes you feel good, do that, and more of it.

What’s Inspiring You Today?

Today with all the negativity, fear, and division, it’s important that you keep focused on what’s inspiring you.

Sit for a moment and think about what matters to you. Being in our 70s, we have lost several people close to us. It’s unsettling. Daily, we hear of someone having a diagnosis that is making their life harder. It makes you think about your destiny.

Bo is really good at thinking about his health. Recently there have been a few new books about Longevity and what you can do to enhance your health as you age. It’s been fun to listen to him and how he has connected to this topic. His health is inspiring to him. It matters to live life how he wants to play with our grandkids and be active.

Today, decide you will design your life around things that inspire you and are meaningful for you.

Think about 3 people who inspire you. Then, list each person and the top 3 qualities they have that connect with you. That’s what you should be aspiring to do today, tomorrow. For instance, Dr. Kim D’Eramo is one of the people that has captured my attention. Why? Because she is focused on being her Highest and Greatest Self. Her commitment to being true to herself is so inspiring. In addition, she radiates and exudes love, joy, and fun.

You are either attracting what you desire or pushing it away. What end of the spectrum are you mostly on? Take time to look at what is positioning you at that point rather than where you most want to be. Is it a habit? Lack of belief in possibility? Thinking you will do it later?

You will be inspired if you connect with what’s right for you. You are doing what your heart desires. You are connecting with your core values.

Doors will open. Life flows for you.

What’s your inspiring future look and feel like?

What are your aspirations?

Allow yourself to feel the energy of inspiration. How freeing it is. How uplifting.

Ask yourself each day what is inspiring you.

Keep those 3 qualities you admire in the 3 people you thought of in your mind, and work to being “that” each day. See those qualities in you. Watch your life change.

You will live a lighter, brighter life.

Keep following the light of inspiration.

What Stories Are You Repeating That Aren’t Serving Your Best Life?

Life is what you continually think about.

Your thoughts have everything to do with your health, wealth, and how your life is going.

Your patterns guide your life.

You have to become aware of what is not happening the way you had hoped for in your life. Once you notice, the work is to be curious about your habits and thinking that might be in the way of your best life. For instance, weight has been an issue for me for, well, my life. As I ponder and learn why, I see how I repeat the same stories.

“Losing weight is hard.”
“I can’t keep it off.”
“It’s not fair; I work so hard.”

See how I focus on what’s wrong, not what I want. I stay in the victim energy. I receive what I think about.

What if instead of these stories, I believe I am resourced, I believe life is for me, and I believe it can be easy?

Whew, I can feel my inner being already resisting those thoughts – even though, in some places, I do totally believe that.

What are you arguing for? Your limitations rather than your dreams and desires like mine.

Awareness is the first step.

Your stories keep you stuck.

Notice if you have an illness that you keep repeating. You don’t deny it; you acknowledge the pain or situation. You don’t want to stay in the helpless or hopeless energy. You want to breathe and ask for guidance. You want to shift from the “problem” to the solution or freedom from the situation.

Notice if you have an addiction and your story around it.

Notice where you are negative and feel defeated in life.

Notice what isn’t working in your life.

They all come back to stories and situations you keep repeating and believing.

That is why it is so important to notice the mirror of life. Everything around you is reflecting back to you important feedback. If things trigger you, those are areas that need your attention or healing. Sometimes easy to let go of once you realize and honor why that has a strong hold on you. Some things will need more work and time because the wounds are deep.

But, the truth is it can all be easy. But we don’t believe that, so it usually takes time to move out of the resistance and how habits are easy to stay with.

Life is always evolving.

Are you in the way of life showing you your best life?

Honor what you truly want, and let go of the baggage in the way of you receiving that.

Being the observer of the stories you are repeating that aren’t serving you is powerful.

Don’t make yourself wrong or feel guilty about how you have survived thus far; just know you are worth having what you desire. Then, go for it without the stories that hold you back.

Today, take notice of where you are feeling powerless. Like statements such as, “It is just the way it is,” “Nothing has worked before.”

Decide you are ready to live a more empowered life by:

Choosing in the direction of what you want.

Feeling that you deserve the life you desire.

Knowing you are resourced to make it happen.

Begin today to live a more inspired life.

Change your stories, change your life.