What Can You Do More Of To Keep Your Spirit Up?

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure that you put love in every corner of your house.

Are those pictures of those you love?

Are paintings the ones that bring out the joy and creativity you feel?

Are scents what bring you into the moment?

You will be amazed at how your spirit changes.

It’s Springtime. Let’s do some Feng Shui. Go through each room and notice what thrills your heart. Keep those things. Find items that no longer have meaning or a spark for you, and let those go. Give them away. Move them out.

When you have things in your life – items, people or thoughts that are no longer serving you, it’s important to remove that density. Some things are heavier than others. Move those right away. For instance, when we were remodeling, I wanted my house to feel light, edgy and fun. My previous style was Tuscany, which is dark, dense, and heavy. Totally in contrast. So, we began changing out what we wanted piece by piece. I focused on what I wanted. Before I knew it, the energy shifted. The feeling was aliveness, lots of space and light.

Do more of what keeps your spirit up.

Maybe your closet needs a makeover. I know many people shift out spring/summer clothes for the fall/winter wardrobe. Feel how good and light that feels. Just simple things like that can do great things to lift your spirits.

But, do something more. Clean out what you are no longer excited to wear. I know it’s hard. Maybe you paid a lot for something you’ll never wear again. Be generous and give it away so someone else can have that particular moment. Perhaps you can’t fit into things and are tricking yourself into thinking someday. That’s heavy on you. That brings shame or guilt. Keep one thing special in case that happens. But allow yourself to honor where you are, not pull yourself down. Keep your spirit UP.

Take time to list three things that lift up your spirit, like having long talks with a sister or friend. What are they for you? If it’s reading a good book, give that gift to yourself. Wrap up in a blanket or sit outside. Make it sensual. Then, give away all your books. Keep the energy flowing. What you give away will come back to you tenfold. Think about the suggestions for new books you’ll receive and the joyful feelings that give you.

Life is about the small choices you make day in and day out to keep your spirits up. We lost one of our trees in the backyard right outside my dining room window last year. I loved looking at it swaying, standing tall and giving off great looks. That spot was empty for months. This week, it was replaced. I was bouncing around, joyful, laughing, and giddy at how much it meant to have one back in that space. I know Bo was probably tired of me wanting him to see it again.

What are some small things that can brighten your day at this moment? Stop and give that to yourself. We love our Skylight, which flashes photos from different trips, family get-togethers, grandkids, and such. Talk about raising the energy. I love passing by. The pictures float by, reminding me of how blessed and lucky I am and allowing me to see all that I have to love in my life.

Special moments can bring great joy and fulfillment. Find them. Give those to yourself. For years, I’ve taught my daily lessons in A Course in Miracles. This year I decided to go deeper so I joined Living The Course online. Each day, they have a video about the lesson, and then throughout the week, many group lessons about it.

Special moments to keep my spirit up.

What could be some of those special moments for you?

Life is for you to take charge and decide what brightens your world. Then, it’s your job and responsibility to align with what rings your bell.

As you can tell, there are many choices, chaos, and distractions. The challenge is to be more grounded in what is right for you. Think buffet.

I don’t want negativity or chaos in my life. I like colorful things. They bring great joy to my life. I want a simple life. Design that. Don’t have lots going on.

You choose if you want to keep your spirits up.

Decide you will no longer let outside forces decide how your life will go.

Decide you will make your choices based on what lifts your spirit. What makes you feel free as a bird to fly? Or think like a river flowing.

Let life be more straightforward and more simple for you.

Design your days around what you can do to keep your spirits high.

What can you do away with today and tomorrow so you can feel lighter and brighter?

It’s Springtime.

Bring a new way of being to you and your life. Allow your life to be filled with things that boost your being.

What will you COMMIT to that will keep your spirits up?

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How Are You Rising Above?

During this Easter season, use it as a reminder of where you want your life to be.

Reflect on what’s not working so you can rise above.

Think about how you can use this spring season to help you see more light. The days get lighter earlier, and the nights stay lighter later. I love it!

How can the lighter days help you rise above the darkness in your life?

Can you use those lighter mornings for a walk to be a healthier you?

Can you use the lighter nights to sit outside with your family and bask in the energy of lightness? Can you slow down and savor the moments?

Notice the distressful things in your life.

How can you clear them away? Add more love to the situation, whether through forgiveness or kindness.

Love raises your vibration, what you see, and how you are. Spend more time in the energy and with things you love, like gardening, reading, or being with people you love.

Rise up.

Then, take on the challenges in your life. You will have a better feeling and be able to handle situations in a way that makes you rise above the problem. You are more in the energy of the solution. Remember, you can’t solve a problem on the same level.

Rise above.

Add to your repertoire the mantra “Rise above.” Say this over and over, especially when you are facing trying situations, like when you think you need to prove yourself or be right. RISE ABOVE.

Be devoted to rising up and looking for the light, the easiness and the love in life.

Think about ways you can rise above the negative chatter you might hear or share. Like:

Think about kind words you can share about your body so you can be in harmony with it. No matter how it is.

Add more positive, light thoughts to your day.

One of my intentions these days is to “See the world through the eyes of God.” I’m doing much better catching myself, lots of times throughout the day. I have reminders all around.

I’m intending to rise above the minutiae of the world these days.

I intend to believe that life is for me and all that is happening is for my Highest Good, so see how that is. Reminder: Rise Up.

How can you rise up and be grateful for all the freedoms you have? All the luxuries Americans have – clean water, electricity and all kinds of protections?

How can you use this season to rise to a higher consciousness and a better feeling place?

How can you be committed to becoming more of the light by rising to a higher frequency and be willing to live there? How powerful you can be for yourself and the greater good.

Life requires each one of us to rise above to create the world you and I desire: one that is more loving, peaceful, and easier.

How Can You Release All Inner Resistance And Doubt?

You are exactly where you need to be.

When things are feeling heavy, and you want life to move more like ease and grace, you are ready and open to see another way.

In order to grow inside, you are often faced with challenges. They tend to get your attention.

As Abraham-Hicks shares, “The Universal Law of Attraction Is Managing My Expansion… The Law of Attraction is the Universal manager of all Vibration, which expands to everything that exists through the Universe. And so, at the same time that the Law of Attraction is responding to the Vibrational content of your physical thoughts, it is also responding to the Vibrational content of your Inner Being.”

Try to see any challenge or upsetting situation as an opportunity to start a new positive chapter in your life or positive behavior that will shift you to a better feeling place.

Know it’s time to move to a lighter, brighter spot in life.

Would it help you to release the resistance if you knew something higher is calling you?

Maybe it doesn’t feel that way right now, but the transformation will bring you there.

What if instead of resisting life, situations or circumstances, you could trust your own inner power? Recently, my daughter was helping one of our grandsons learn to swim. He kept resisting and being afraid. She kept trying to reassure him she had him; he could take baby steps. And, then she said, how about you trust yourself, you can do this. He decided to give it a try and go further in his swimming.

Can you trust yourself to know what’s right for you rather than doubt and resist?

Where are you on the scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest and believing that God has a perfect plan for the unfolding of your Highest Good?

What if you could become more conscious in situations you see yourself resisting? Awareness is the first step to changing behaviors.

What if you didn’t make yourself wrong when you notice you are resisting or doubting, and instead make it a game like there I go again? Awareness is key.

If you do believe, then what if you could remind yourself to focus more on the trust and belief your Highest Good is being done?

Where are you most resistant to your life or the life around you?

I could go on for pages about how I want life to be and the world to be. Resistance has been one of the things I have learned the most. It’s okay to see what I like and don’t like. It’s the energy behind them that gets life heading in the wrong direction – or the direction I don’t want. Instead of playing in the resistance energy that things shouldn’t be this way or that, I need to let that anger, frustration or rage head me in the direction of what I’d like. Like more compassion, kindness or concern.

Remember, what you focus on, you receive more of. So, if you stay in the rants about all the wrongs, you receive more of that in your life. Instead, if you can have more love, compassion, and kindness in your being, you can serve from that energy and receive more of it in your life.

Allow instead of doubt. Flow instead of resist.

The shift is big and produces big results. As A Course in Miracles says, “A miracle is a shift in perception.” The shift is what you focus on—what you want, NOT what you do not want.

How could you be open to seeing with new eyes?

Are you ready to awaken to new experiences that are different from the ways you thought things should be?

How could you know that divine right action is guiding you every day?

How could you let your goal or intention be to allow something Higher to come, even if that means learning what all your resistance means to you and your life?

What else is possible?

How could you let not knowing be okay? Instead of resisting how things are?

What if you knew what was calling you was to allow your life to be easier and more delightful by trusting and honoring yourself more?

Know these roadblocks, or frustrations with what’s happening around you, are trying to capture your attention so you can, and will choose, another way than being in the dense, negative energy of resistance.

Decide you are willing to release all inner resistance and doubt.

Be ready to receive the resources to show you your way to a lighter and brighter future and life.

Decide to be 2% more present to what is, and 2% more willing to open to new possibilities of being in the flow rather than in resistance.

Where do you need to begin releasing resistance and doubt in your life?

Life is easier on the other side of resistance and doubt.

How Can You Be In Freedom From Suffering?

Focusing on what you desire can be a life of freedom and peace.

When you decide that your commitment to what you desire is more important than your suffering, your life will change in the direction of more joy and freedom. For instance, your life changes when you choose light over darkness or peace over chaos.

Freedom from suffering requires devotion and commitment.

In this Easter time of resurrection, it’s time to remind yourself how you want your life to be.

Will it be easy and happen tomorrow? No. It takes time, focus, and dedication to what you desire.

Are you ready to commit? Be devoted to being free?

One of the biggest shifts in your life will be when you decide to focus more on what’s true from the INSIDE of you than reacting to what happens on the outside. For instance, I know I want freedom from suffering. Then, I can’t live with regrets or grudges from my past. I must find ways to come to peace with whatever is upsetting me or with whatever has stronghold on me about those events.

How can you free yourself from suffering?

What needs forgiveness in your life? With yourself and others?

Are you more focused on wrong-doing or on how you want to live?

How DO you want to live?

Are you committed to living in peace and joy or staying in old habits and stories of victimhood?

You don’t have to know. You only have to be clear as to what you really, really desire.
Is it easy? No.

Is it simple? No.

Being clear is sometimes tricky. You often know what you don’t want. Like, if you have an illness and don’t like that. You know you don’t want to be sick. But how that unfolds is your story, your definition. Are you focused on not being sick or wellness?

How can you be free from suffering from this illness situation? You must declare and commit to how that can be in your life. You must clearly see yourself well and live free from disease. If you are a diabetic, you must commit to the following things that help bring you to wellness. Like exercise, eating less sugar and other foods that contribute to this disease. In your mind, you must know it is possible to be well. Then, take little steps to make that happen. Day after day, week after week, months, years and so on. And, before you know it, you are living more from freedom, in this case, being well.

What are the tools you need to keep you focused or refocused?

For me, A Course of Miracles has 365 daily lessons that remind me of the life I desire to live. I love the daily reminders, which continuously refocus me.

Do you want to be in freedom from suffering?

The journey is:

Ask and expect an answer as to how that path unfolds.

Ask to be shown the light, the way.

Ask for guidance.

Life is full of challenges. These challenges can call you to be your Highest and Greatest Self, or you can stay in the problems, the obstacles.

It’s sad to say that most want to stay at the pity party. In the victim of the situation. In their story, they identify with that situation. And complain about how unfair life is to you.

If you believe, like I do, that life is calling you to the light, calling you to live to the more perfect you—not perfect, but perfectly YOU!

Then, you know life is for you. Asking you to surrender from this suffering.

A great example is my amazing husband. He recently tore his meniscus and had surgery. He does not want to be contained or limited. He lives from freedom. He is not letting this injury sideline him too much. He is going slow, to go fast. Hard. He clearly sees himself back on his bike, back doing everything he wants. He is clear on what he desires. He wants to be healthy. The physical therapy people are amazed at how well he is doing.

Your mindset matters.

No matter the fork in the road you are facing, know you can have the outcome you want rather than suffer.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “What you think and what you get is alway a perfect vibrational match, so it can be very helpful to make a conscious correlation between what you are thinking and what is manifesting in your life experiences.”

Notice where you are suffering. Notice your thoughts about that.

Just like the saying goes – pain is inevitable, and suffering is an option.

Choose freedom. Design your path there. Dedicate time and energy to that endeavor.

Know freedom is possible.

Take time each day dedicated to your commitment to free yourself from the binds that hold you back. Ask for guidance. Let it go, give it over to your Higher Power.

Decide you want to be in freedom from whatever sufferings you are facing in your life.

Go for it. Live a freer life.

How Can You Be Curious Rather Than Thinking You Need To Know The Answer?

I love asking questions.

I love hearing what people say about how things are going and how their lives are working.

Then, I become curious. I wonder about possibilities and what’s creating their way for them.

Out of this whole big world, what have they picked out as right for them?

Why did they choose this time and place to be here?

I remember how shocked I was when I realized everyone’s life was not like my military growing up, moving all the time, facing new situations and adapting to wherever we were.

As a kid, you only know what you are living. Until you leave home and start seeing a whole new world, people from completely different worlds.

When you start questioning. When you become curious.

And, hopefully, you have.

I know I was quite judgmental. If they weren’t in “our” church and faith, they were on the “wrong” side. If it wasn’t like “my” family and ways, something wasn’t right.

Whew, how limited I was.

Instead of realizing, each of us has our own journey and way of making meaning of the life we were given.

But, thankfully, curiosity got the best of me.
I could be inquisitive.

I could see how these wonderful people just had a “different” way to do life than I did. Not bad or good.

I can see your choices will be different from mine, and that is fine because you are living your life and doing what’s right for you.

I could see how there were endless possibilities of living our lives.

Notice where you have some habits, assumptions, and thoughts about major aspects of your life, such as education, parenting, relationships, or success.

How can you be curious about those ideas instead of set-in-stone thoughts and ways of being?

How could you allow life to be more in the flow rather than stick to the old ways and old patterns?

Can you be curious and see how the old rules are no longer working or how there is no need for them today? For instance, I think about how dressed up we used to be on airplanes. Think of today’s dress on airplanes. Totally different ends of what was and what is.

I know it’s taken me a while to adjust. I remember writing in my book how hard it was to wear my workout clothes to the grocery store almost next door. Not today.

Move to a new paradigm in how you live in life or live life. Allow it to be easy and flowing rather than rigid and based on old rules.

Use Abraham-Hick’s idea as a way to be more curious than stuck, “Cravings are going to occur to you. So here’s the rule of thumb about eating, or about investing in the stock market, or about anything else: If the impulse comes from a joyous thought that feels good, follow it. If the impulse comes from an uncomfortable thought that felt bad, don’t follow it.”

Where do you need to begin to be more curious? What rules are you living that no longer serve you, make life tougher or out of balance?

I know the saying, “You don’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but let’s let that go.

Be curious.

Be willing to live life fully with what’s here and now for you.

What’s feeling uncomfortable in your life right now?

Be curious.

Create a new set of habits and rules for you.

For instance, at this age,74, some things are different. I don’t move or bend as easily as I used to. How can I allow that to be okay? How can I honor where I am in life instead of making myself wrong?

How can you take the time to be curious about what’s working and what’s not in your life today – based on where you are, not what was?

How can you be curious and allow today to be the message for what’s right for you rather than thinking you are supposed to know the answer?

Life is short.

Be kind. Be gracious. Be open to what is before you.

Be curious.

What Inspires You To Live Bigger?

Where do you go to get your inspiration? To feel inspired?

Life can be challenging. Life can bring lots of uncertainties and unwanted.

As the Dalai Lama states, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Decide that you no longer want to live in the negative drama of what you are now facing and dealing with. Decide there must be another way.

Trust there IS a perfect plan unfolding for you.

The way to receive that is to open your heart and mind to something higher, lighter, and more in the flow.

Look around your life and decide what the 10s are for you. That will help lift up your life. You aim higher.

Take each area of your life – your financial life, your physical life, your emotional life, your mental life, and your spiritual life. Look at what presently gives you a feeling of a 10, a YES, a filled heart and soul. For instance, I love learning. It’s a must for me. I read a variety of things. I listen to podcasts, and I engage in a variety of new things. I mentioned before that Bo and I began learning Spanish with Duolingo this year. It’s inspiring to see how far I’ve, we’ve come. It’s exciting to realize how many new words we’ve learned. I’m on my 358th-day streak. Nearly 1 year, committed and dedicated – for my 10-20 minutes a day. It feels good and very challenging at times. That’s part of the inspiration. To overcome the unknown, the uncertainty of how to speak another language.

Learning inspires me to live bigger.

If something isn’t a 10 but still thrills you, keep it and let that inspire you to make it a 10.

Where’s the light for you? What do you need to reach higher?

How about the story in The Magazine from AARP’s February/March 2024 article about a former entrepreneur, John Foley, who went from man of leisure to muckraking reporter? He talks about how he was apprehensive as a Californian moving East to an unfamiliar town, but how welcoming the town has been. “I really feel like I am making a contribution. Besides, I’m having a wonderful time. I wake up in the morning and can’t wait to go to work.”

How much of your life are you doing what inspires you rather than what you have always done?

Where can you contribute, or where are you contributing that lifts you higher?

Where do you want more freedom? Honor where you are feeling free. Able to do what you want. There’s great inspiration in freedom.

Find areas where you are resistant. Let those areas inspire you to live bigger.

If you really listen to life, the obstacles you encounter are there to help you change course and find a higher and better way. Do not resist, complain, or feel helpless. What if, instead, you trusted your inner power?

What if you could appreciate everything around you, everything you are dealing with at the moment? Appreciate it because God, The Universe, is trying to expand your life. Whether it’s through frustration, curiosity, or you’ve had enough.

Instead of resisting, which gives you more of what you don’t want, what if you could just stop and breathe and notice what is happening without the story or the drama?

What if you could appreciate? Appreciate whatever you can because that changes the vibration, changing the solutions to what will come your way. It’s like receiving texts from girlfriends who want to know if I can walk. I love it! I’m flying higher and excited about the opportunities.

Gratitude is the greatest prayer.

Ask for a bigger heart today.

Love raises your vibration and inspires you to greater heights. Brings more goodness to you.

Look around and find all the ways you can love to bring in more 10s in your life. Love the sunsets, the sunrises, your garden, your walks, the utilities working, your car taking you where you need. If every time you began a new activity, chore, or responsibility, you stopped and appreciated and gave a word of gratitude, you would be living on top of the world. You would be showered with more things to love and adore.

Where are you blessed in your life? For us, our grandkids are such blessings. They bring pure joy to our lives. Look at what one of our 8-year-old grandsons brought Bo as he is recovering from meniscus surgery. Think of how that inspires you to live bigger.

What Inspires You To Live Bigger?

Life is almost making us find a new, more inspiring path, because what is happening right now is not working for far too many people.

What path are you choosing to inspire you to live bigger?

Do You Want To Know What Is Running Your Life?

Look around, and what do you see?

The world is reflecting back to you your thoughts and beliefs that are running your life.

Look around your life and notice what you spend most of your time doing.

Look at your calendar and see what it is full of. That shows you what you are devoted to.

Have you given your life away to an old story you are still living today?

This chapter of my life has been about Thriving in Unretirement. Since that was important to me, I needed to know and understand what that meant to me.

I saw in the research if you aren’t committed to some purpose during this time of life, within 2-5 years, death or some major illness may be at your doorstep. Well, I knew I wanted more than that for my life.

Thus, my purpose was to begin sharing how to THRIVE during this time of life.

A big part of that has been to understand how to be healthy in this stage of life. Because things are different.

Another area was to look at what lights you up, what brings you joy.

Maybe staying unconscious is your choice, but I want more for you. I know your life can be more when you decide to know why your life is operating like it is.

I’ve seen that too many people just let life happen and thus become part of the statistics. Rather than knowing what is running their life.

As Pam Grout says, “Thing 1 is my creative voice. It says things like, “Dance, sing loudly, high five that stranger on the bridge.’” “Thing 2 is my monitor voice. It urges caution and monitors what I could lose.” She has written many books, and I’ve enjoyed listening more to her creative voice.

Which voice do you want to listen to?

Your thoughts focus on the past.

Are you willing to open up for more?

If you don’t know what is running your life and want more for yourself, make it a priority to become healthy – emotionally, mentally, physically, and fiscally. Let health run your life. You will see a whole new world open for yourself. Different classes might show up for you, like Tai Chi or healthy cooking. You might see specials on gym memberships. You might hear about having a more positive attitude about life by seeing how others live longer when they do.

A whole new world opens when you decide what you want to run your life.

Vex King understands why it’s important for you to know what is running your life. It’s so you can find freedom. He says, “Society is constantly challenging your authenticity by telling you who to be and what your life should look like.

Is that what you want? Something or someone else is running your life, and you don’t even realize it.

You do have other choices.

What is running your life?

Lately, I’ve been focused on messages in The Course of Miracles. I’ve done The Course for decades but decided to go deeper this year than just the surface messages. What I want to lead my life is this message from The Course.

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of God.

It has been so fun to pay attention from this perspective. I have a new filter that allows me to see things inward and outward. The sunsets, sunrises, the magical moments. A new book suggestion is Hiring From The Heavens by Jean Slater. It’s exciting because you create your team of masters to work with you for what you’d like or for one-time events. I feel expansive, connected to something bigger.

There’s something bigger, grander happening on my behalf, for me.

It makes me see life is more than going through my day. It’s more fun to notice and smile at how it’s coming alive for me.

Instead of fear running your life, let love guide you. Whew, the world needs that, too. You can use the 15 essential habits for living a good life from Pope Francis’s new book, A Good Life (© 2024), to lead your life.

What about – deciding to allow God’s Will to Be Done? You know what that means? That you accept exactly what is happening.

You can begin seeing how you are trying to control the world.

You can notice how resistant you are to all kinds of things happening in your personal world and the world around you.

You can notice how you are making others wrong – whether that is by them having different opinions than you, different political affiliations, or different religious beliefs.

There are ALL kinds of options to see what could be running your life.

What do you believe is running yours?

The whole notion of realizing that something is running your life opens you to understanding why others do what they do. It also helps you realize how you are being directed a certain way because of past beliefs, thoughts, and the people you surround yourself with.

People are seeing and living the world through their perspective – whether that is from being a capitalist, being a missionary, being retired, or being a parent. That is what leads your life.

Most of us are not awake and are not conscious of what is running our lives.

Decide today to wake up and notice what’s running your life. That’s a huge first step—just notice.

Once you have noticed what is running your life, you can decide if it is what you desire. If life is going like you want, keep it going. Now, it will be a conscious choice. If you’d like something else running your life, ponder what that is. Listen to what you are asking for – like more peace, kindness, or fun. Then, you find ways to add that to your life. Baby steps. You can even ask to “Hire The Heavens.” (Create your dream team.)

Life gives you what you ask for and what you need for your Highest and Greatest good.

Life is more fun and more empowering when you decide and make the choices for what will run your life.

What does that mean for YOUR life?

Let It Go, Let It Be

Relax, relax.

Breathe. Relax. Breathe.

Let that breath go. Release.

Let go of whatever you no longer want.

Allow whatever is before you. Breathe.

How can you let life be rather than thinking you must control life and others?

Think about how easy life could be if you let life be. Realize life is no longer a battlefield, that you don’t have to control everything.

Put yourself in that high-flying energy. Those feelings.

Think about flowing down a river. How you go and maneuver whatever is before you – rocks, debris, or rapids. Notice how some parts of that river you tense up and try to control more. Some parts just flow and move easily.

Think about if you could relax 2% more and let go of control, how your body and life could be different. How the trip down the river could be more fun and peaceful.

And, best of all, you would be trusting more, knowing more that life works out. No matter how it goes.

Notice where you are trying, controlling, and struggling. Start with one of those areas.

Is something going on with your kids that you’d like differently, and are you trying to control what they do?

Are you trying to control circumstances?

Are you trying to be something more thinking that will make you better or worthy?

Are you struggling with external news rather than searching within what messages are there for you?

In each of these scenarios, notice how fear is controlling your life. Let it go.

Where in your life could the message “Let It Go, Let It Be” help you?

Love is the essence of life. Your job is to remove everything that is in the way of you receiving more and more of it.

The Universe is calling you to step up. Let it be.

Life is meant to be lived in the flow of whatever is happening before you.

What are you experiencing?

What roadblocks or logs need to be removed?

Let it go.

Let It Go, Let It Be

Trust something more is there for you – even though you can’t see it yet.

What juncture is calling you to release and let go so your life can open more?

I was walking this labyrinth in Maui, and it reminded me how powerful Nature is to our healing and to letting go.

The more you let go, the more you are able to believe in yourself – the more you honor yourself, the more you trust in yourself, and the more you value all you have to offer.

Where will you let it go and let it be?

How can you let go and help shift the world into a deeper, loving place?

Let your life be easy.

Which Door Are You Choosing?

Life is full of choices.

Notice where you invest your time and energy.

Pay attention to what you value. Take time to look at your calendar and where you are spending most of your time and life.

Make sure it is doing what you love, whether that is time with your family, time with your career, or time playing.

Invest in high-energy things that bring out the best in you.

Stop the “I have to” or “I’ve got to.” And those periods of low-vibration situations.

Yes, there are “responsibilities” that you have, but hold them in the light and think of how they make your life easier and better. If they don’t, it’s time to change how you handle or think about them.

Life is for you when you get yourself in the flow of what is right for you.

Take time to find ways to lift up your life to the Highest for you.

Ponder on these thoughts.

Just notice. Don’t make yourself wrong.

Awareness is the first step to change.

Do you want to thrive, or do you deprive yourself of abundance and all life has to offer you?

Which door are you choosing?

Are you planning for your future, or are you worrying about your future?

Which door do you choose?

Is your world more about expanding or constricting and limiting what you can have and do?

What are you choosing for yourself?

Are you looking at what’s right about the world and your life, or are you seeing all the problems?

Where are you choosing from?

As Jay Shetty shares, “The way you FEEL about yourself is based on the THOUGHTS you CHOOSE to believe about yourself.”

Think about how you feel about yourself.

The way you think about yourself has a major impact on how your life goes.

It’s worth the time to notice the banter inside your head. The beliefs you hold. The things that are making your decisions.

Notice how you speak to yourself when you are in front of a mirror.

Pay attention to the words you use when you are struggling with something.

Think about the limitations you have put on the possibilities for your life. Are you stuck? Or doing what you love and prospering?

What door are you choosing as you speak about yourself? As you believe in yourself?

Everything begins with knowing thyself. Deciding you ARE worth having what you want. You are worthy.

A big shift for me in life is to pay attention to what I like, not what I’m supposed to do or who I need to make sure they are okay.

What do you love? Choose that over and over. And, before you know it, more or most of your life is loving what is, loving your life.

Which Door Are You Choosing?

What door are you choosing?

You always have a choice. It might not feel like it. No matter what is happening or your situation, you can choose how it goes.

More and more I remind myself, I want a life with ease and peace, or ease and grace. I ask, “How can this be easy and…?” It changes my focus. It changes the solutions that come.

Another mantra I use a lot is “I can choose peace instead of this.” It’s from The Course of Miracles.

I am choosing to align all parts of my life with what I desire. With my core values. With what’s right for me at this point in time.

Begin paying attention to the choices you make all day, every day.

Decide what is guiding the choices – is it impulsivity, someone’s needs, or what’s in alignment for you?

Decide what door you want to choose. Notice how you feel.

If you don’t like how that choice feels, choose again and again. Your feelings are the best indicator of the choices you are making. If it feels light, it’s right for you. If it feels heavy, choose again.

Begin this day, this Valentine’s Day, choosing what door is right for you in each situation of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Are You Noticing The Beauty All Around You?

Beauty begins within.

A beautiful mind sees the magic and possibilities of life.

Beauty impacts your energy and your life. Beauty uplifts you.

Where is your focus?

What are you seeing?

Wake up to the beauty around you.

Look around you. Note if you have created a world of beauty in all parts of your life.

Start with your mind. Become aware of the thoughts, messages, and insights you are allowing inside there.

Notice your home. Do you feel the delight, the flow, and the awe-inspiring as you walk around your home – inside and outside?

See yourself in your car. Is it radiating cleanliness, attractiveness, and care?

What about your work environment? Does it sparkle, uplift, and encourage you throughout your day?

Is beauty all around you? Can you see it? Do you FEEL it?

What impact does beauty play in your life?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We have just finished our time in Maui this year. Our souls and hearts are full – Full from the beauty, the energy, and the love we feel. Even though there has been devastation here, beauty still abounds.

The hopeful spirit is riveting.

The connection and support the people of Maui have for each other is strong.

Are You Noticing The Beauty All Around You?

Take time to create the environment you want. No matter the circumstances you are in.

As Fred Alan Wolf states, “What is “out there” depends on what you choose to look for.”

Adding more beauty can change how you see the world, how you interact with others, and the vibration you live in.

Think about what one change you can make to add more beauty to your life.

Bring more awareness, and you will be delighted to see things you’ve never seen before.

The way the light reflects on something.

A lizard crossing your path to wake you up.

The roars of the waves.

The swaying of the trees.

The pure whiteness of the snow.

The generosity of your neighbors.

Where can you shift your focus so you can begin seeing more beauty, more of the beautiful parts of life?