Let It Go, Let It Be

Relax, relax.

Breathe. Relax. Breathe.

Let that breath go. Release.

Let go of whatever you no longer want.

Allow whatever is before you. Breathe.

How can you let life be rather than thinking you must control life and others?

Think about how easy life could be if you let life be. Realize life is no longer a battlefield, that you don’t have to control everything.

Put yourself in that high-flying energy. Those feelings.

Think about flowing down a river. How you go and maneuver whatever is before you – rocks, debris, or rapids. Notice how some parts of that river you tense up and try to control more. Some parts just flow and move easily.

Think about if you could relax 2% more and let go of control, how your body and life could be different. How the trip down the river could be more fun and peaceful.

And, best of all, you would be trusting more, knowing more that life works out. No matter how it goes.

Notice where you are trying, controlling, and struggling. Start with one of those areas.

Is something going on with your kids that you’d like differently, and are you trying to control what they do?

Are you trying to control circumstances?

Are you trying to be something more thinking that will make you better or worthy?

Are you struggling with external news rather than searching within what messages are there for you?

In each of these scenarios, notice how fear is controlling your life. Let it go.

Where in your life could the message “Let It Go, Let It Be” help you?

Love is the essence of life. Your job is to remove everything that is in the way of you receiving more and more of it.

The Universe is calling you to step up. Let it be.

Life is meant to be lived in the flow of whatever is happening before you.

What are you experiencing?

What roadblocks or logs need to be removed?

Let it go.

Let It Go, Let It Be

Trust something more is there for you – even though you can’t see it yet.

What juncture is calling you to release and let go so your life can open more?

I was walking this labyrinth in Maui, and it reminded me how powerful Nature is to our healing and to letting go.

The more you let go, the more you are able to believe in yourself – the more you honor yourself, the more you trust in yourself, and the more you value all you have to offer.

Where will you let it go and let it be?

How can you let go and help shift the world into a deeper, loving place?

Let your life be easy.

Which Door Are You Choosing?

Life is full of choices.

Notice where you invest your time and energy.

Pay attention to what you value. Take time to look at your calendar and where you are spending most of your time and life.

Make sure it is doing what you love, whether that is time with your family, time with your career, or time playing.

Invest in high-energy things that bring out the best in you.

Stop the “I have to” or “I’ve got to.” And those periods of low-vibration situations.

Yes, there are “responsibilities” that you have, but hold them in the light and think of how they make your life easier and better. If they don’t, it’s time to change how you handle or think about them.

Life is for you when you get yourself in the flow of what is right for you.

Take time to find ways to lift up your life to the Highest for you.

Ponder on these thoughts.

Just notice. Don’t make yourself wrong.

Awareness is the first step to change.

Do you want to thrive, or do you deprive yourself of abundance and all life has to offer you?

Which door are you choosing?

Are you planning for your future, or are you worrying about your future?

Which door do you choose?

Is your world more about expanding or constricting and limiting what you can have and do?

What are you choosing for yourself?

Are you looking at what’s right about the world and your life, or are you seeing all the problems?

Where are you choosing from?

As Jay Shetty shares, “The way you FEEL about yourself is based on the THOUGHTS you CHOOSE to believe about yourself.”

Think about how you feel about yourself.

The way you think about yourself has a major impact on how your life goes.

It’s worth the time to notice the banter inside your head. The beliefs you hold. The things that are making your decisions.

Notice how you speak to yourself when you are in front of a mirror.

Pay attention to the words you use when you are struggling with something.

Think about the limitations you have put on the possibilities for your life. Are you stuck? Or doing what you love and prospering?

What door are you choosing as you speak about yourself? As you believe in yourself?

Everything begins with knowing thyself. Deciding you ARE worth having what you want. You are worthy.

A big shift for me in life is to pay attention to what I like, not what I’m supposed to do or who I need to make sure they are okay.

What do you love? Choose that over and over. And, before you know it, more or most of your life is loving what is, loving your life.

Which Door Are You Choosing?

What door are you choosing?

You always have a choice. It might not feel like it. No matter what is happening or your situation, you can choose how it goes.

More and more I remind myself, I want a life with ease and peace, or ease and grace. I ask, “How can this be easy and…?” It changes my focus. It changes the solutions that come.

Another mantra I use a lot is “I can choose peace instead of this.” It’s from The Course of Miracles.

I am choosing to align all parts of my life with what I desire. With my core values. With what’s right for me at this point in time.

Begin paying attention to the choices you make all day, every day.

Decide what is guiding the choices – is it impulsivity, someone’s needs, or what’s in alignment for you?

Decide what door you want to choose. Notice how you feel.

If you don’t like how that choice feels, choose again and again. Your feelings are the best indicator of the choices you are making. If it feels light, it’s right for you. If it feels heavy, choose again.

Begin this day, this Valentine’s Day, choosing what door is right for you in each situation of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Are You Noticing The Beauty All Around You?

Beauty begins within.

A beautiful mind sees the magic and possibilities of life.

Beauty impacts your energy and your life. Beauty uplifts you.

Where is your focus?

What are you seeing?

Wake up to the beauty around you.

Look around you. Note if you have created a world of beauty in all parts of your life.

Start with your mind. Become aware of the thoughts, messages, and insights you are allowing inside there.

Notice your home. Do you feel the delight, the flow, and the awe-inspiring as you walk around your home – inside and outside?

See yourself in your car. Is it radiating cleanliness, attractiveness, and care?

What about your work environment? Does it sparkle, uplift, and encourage you throughout your day?

Is beauty all around you? Can you see it? Do you FEEL it?

What impact does beauty play in your life?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We have just finished our time in Maui this year. Our souls and hearts are full – Full from the beauty, the energy, and the love we feel. Even though there has been devastation here, beauty still abounds.

The hopeful spirit is riveting.

The connection and support the people of Maui have for each other is strong.

Are You Noticing The Beauty All Around You?

Take time to create the environment you want. No matter the circumstances you are in.

As Fred Alan Wolf states, “What is “out there” depends on what you choose to look for.”

Adding more beauty can change how you see the world, how you interact with others, and the vibration you live in.

Think about what one change you can make to add more beauty to your life.

Bring more awareness, and you will be delighted to see things you’ve never seen before.

The way the light reflects on something.

A lizard crossing your path to wake you up.

The roars of the waves.

The swaying of the trees.

The pure whiteness of the snow.

The generosity of your neighbors.

Where can you shift your focus so you can begin seeing more beauty, more of the beautiful parts of life?

Where Are You Vibing Right Now?

You are in charge of your life. I know it can be easy to forget you are responsible for how your life goes.

What’s your mindset as you begin your day? As it ends?

What would it take to live in Higher energy, the Universal Life Force?

What kind of attitude do you have as you go throughout your day? The good, the challenges, and the mundane.

Decide that each day, you are going to notice where you are vibing.

Ask, what is directing your energy today? Are you worried or feeling pressure? Worrying is creating something you do not want.

Are you on top of the world? Maybe you just received a promotion, or did something you valued happen.

Be willing to make the changes to get on the vibrational train you desire.

Think of it as easy as changing your radio station or television channel.

Use imagery. You know, when you are driving, and the radio becomes fuzzy or static, all you do is adjust a little. Do the same with your life.

The Universe intends that you live in joy, love, and peace. The Universe intended you to receive lots of goodness and abundance.

Stop for a moment and see how much joy, love, and peace you are feeling. Maybe that’s how you shift your vibration. Find ways to add more of those qualities to your life. As you interact with others, as you plan your day.

Today, I am open to seeing things differently.

Raise your consciousness so you can receive all the goodness life offers.

It’s up to you. The small things will ultimately have you at the Highest vibrations.

As Maria Shriver shared in her Sunday Paper on January 28th, “So many of us are walking around living half a life and feeling disconnected from ourselves. So many of us have extinguished parts of ourselves simply to make it through, to survive.”

Where are you on that spectrum?

Feel your vibration, your energy.

Observe how you are in your day and all throughout your day. How are you feeling? If it feels great, keep doing that, being in that energy. You will see more minutes, hours, and days like that.

If a conversation feels crazy and unlike what you want, don’t stay in it. Listen to that. It lowers your vibration.

You have control.

Pick yourself up. Decide you can do something different. Decide to make a difference by picking someone up, maybe even yourself.

Think about how you treat yourself. Where does that take you on the vibrational scale?

Where’s your grit?

What are you doing to build inner strength?

What’s blocking you from living more, living Higher, and living more joyfully?

Are you focused more on wellness or illness?

Where are most of your conversations – about the great things life is showing you or about the horrors you heard from the media?

John Rogers, DSS shared a great quote, “It is important that you do not carry over negative thoughts from one day to the next. If you go to bed and there is still a negative thought within your mind, get up and write it all out, and then burn the paper. This will help release it from your consciousness. If the thought comes back in the next day, repeat this process. Keep it up until the thought dissolves.”
Where are you vibing right now?

Find ways to align your life with a bit more goodness, love, and kindness each day, whether that’s a smile, a note, or positive words to yourself.

Every small act can bring big changes in the energy in your life and all around you.

As Neal Donald Walsch said, “In my understanding, we are here on Earth, in physical bodies, to serve a larger purpose. I believe we are here to move forward with the agenda of the soul, which is focused on turning our knowledge of who we are into our experience of who we are.”

Today, lift your consciousness to look for good, acknowledge kindness, and appreciate the abundance and love you have.

Feel your vibration. Feel the changes in your body, in your heart.

Take charge of how you want to feel in whatever you do throughout your day and weeks. When you do, you can empower yourself to raise your vibration.

What’s the channel you plan on vibrating from?

How can you “plan” or direct your life more from your vibration than from schedule or habit?

Listening and feeling your vibration will lead you to a more loving, kind, and joyful life.

Take note of how you keep your vibration high. Hit the PRESET button.

Are You In Control Or Being Controlled?

Life feels easier and calmer when you know you are in control of your life.

That doesn’t mean everything happens the way you want. It means you decide how to handle what comes to you.

First of all, pay attention to how you deal with situations. For instance, if something goes out at your home, like a hot water tank during this cold, freezing weather. If your pipes freeze up. If your car won’t start. Notice your rant, your dialogue and your decisions. Let yourself feel whatever comes up.

The key to empowerment is where you go after that. Do you take control or stay in the blame, the rant?

You might not find a solution right away, but if you can stay in the trust, the knowing that YOU will, life changes for you. You feel better, less stressed and open to receive the answers you need.

It’s easy to spiral downward. Not helpful, but more often than not many people live here.

The more you know thyself, the more in control of your life you can be. Don’t make yourself wrong or bad.

Just notice, become aware of your patterns or habits. Then realize which patterns are no longer helpful to becoming in control and empowered with your life.

The more you understand life is for you, the less resistance and angst you feel.

Too many people are feeling angry because they feel like they are not in control of their lives. Notice where you might be blaming or feeling angry about things being out of your control.

Realize that is just a mirror for you to look inside and find out why you have given away your power.

Figure out what parts of those situations you do have control over.

Figure out what is upsetting you, and what’s the end outcome you’d like to see.

Then, empower yourself to decide how you can find ways to add more of that outcome in your life, for instance, like the wars going on. You might be blaming one side or the other. But, the empowerment comes when you decide what you want. For me, it’s peace. So, what I can do is find ways I can create more peace in my life and around me. The more I can do that, the ripple effect takes place. If I want my side and my voice to be heard and respected, then how can I give that or find ways to share my voice?

There is something there for all of us to find ways to feel more in control so we won’t be controlled.

I saw this post in one of the groups I belong to that says how beautifully life is orchestrated. Can you allow it to help you put the pieces together in your life? Too often, we don’t think about the Higher Purpose of our lives when crazy things are happening, and life feels out of control.

God's Providence

As you think about your life, how are you taking charge and creating the life you desire rather than playing the victim and feeling like you are being controlled by all kinds of outside forces?

Decide you can change your thoughts and responses to all life gives you.

Stand in confidence that you are provided for and will be given the tools you need to handle whatever is before you. (If you listen and believe that.)

Find support and people who ARE there for you. Allow yourself to go outside your comfort zone. Whether that is you think you should know how or whatever is blocking you from receiving help. You will know what feels right to you. If it feels heavy, it’s NOT right. If it feels light, follow it.

Start with small ways you give away your power, like not questioning things or wondering if there could be a better, easier way.

Pay attention to all the ways you feel out of control today and this week. Hear the conversations you are having from the observer’s point of view. Notice patterns. Are you blaming your boss, the government, your parents, or the weather? Like for me, I’m blaming the weather, I can’t take my morning walks. That’s not really true because I can go to the mall and be grateful they have opened the doors. I could go to the gym and use the treadmill or elliptical.

Yes, it’s true, it’s not ideal for what I like. But the cold weather is here right now. Do I want to be in resistance and feel like I can’t have the life I want? OR do I want to be healthy and know how much better I feel after I move my body?

The choice is yours. You can decide whether you want to be in control or be controlled.

Which are you choosing?

Are You Living From Love?

The world needs more love, and it can begin with you. Love does no harm.
Love raises your vibration.
Love opens your heart.
Love brings more kindness.
The more love you give, the more you receive.

Are You Living From Love?

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Do you live more of your life from your head – masculine, doing, proving yourself?” Or “do you live more from your heart, your feminine energy of goodness, love and concern of how things feel?”

Sad to say, I lived mostly from my head, getting things done and being effective at all costs. In fact, some of my biggest regrets.

There is a time for both living from your heart and living from your head. Each part is important, but the most powerful part you have is your heart.

If you were like me, there weren’t decisions made from any place but my head. I thought that was how to do life. It has been a big journey of mine to live more from my Highest.

For years, I participated in a group that focused on feminine energy. I didn’t have an understanding or a thought about feminine energy. I hadn’t thought about how much of our society was based on masculine energy: force, success, and achievement. Not that they are bad, but certainly out of proportion to live the healthiest and highest life.

What I now know is how much I need to listen from my heart, lead from my heart, and connect from my heart. Feminine energy. Then, once I tap into that power, I can move forward doing what needs to get done.

I know how much more powerful I am when I have been powered by love, compassion, and kindness.
I know I have tapped into the power of God. Because I believe God is love, God is goodness. When I’m in that state, I’m leading and living from my Highest vibration and energy. I am more powerful than ever.

As the book Power versus Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by Dr. David Hawkins says, “ The book is a guide to spiritual growth and self-realization. It reveals ways to live a life of higher consciousness. … “Love is more powerful than hatred; truth sets us free; forgiveness liberates both sides.”

Hawkins goes on to say, “Force can bring satisfaction, but only power brings joy. Victory over others brings us satisfaction, but victory over ourselves brings us joy.” Force might lead to short-term satisfaction, but never to true happiness.”

Where are you on Hawkin’s map of consciousness? How can you use this to level up living more from love? Wherever you are on the chart, look at the next level up. Spend time doing things that could raise your energy until you are finally at the top of the chart. It takes years, but every action and thought at a higher level can raise the consciousness of all.

Think about the small ways you can add more love to the way you live.

How can you add more love and warmth throughout your house? Is each room welcoming and open? Do the rooms need some open space to flow and allow energy to expand?

Begin to say more loving words to yourself.

Look for love all around rather than spending time listening to the news and other media. Why are so many people mesmerized by the Travis Kelcie and Taylor Swift relationship? It feels like pure love, and they are enamored with each other. We want more of that.

Let love be the first thing you think about instead of everything you must do. Feel how much peaceful and calm that feels.

Just like my word of the year – Generous. How can I be more “generous” and live from love?
As Mooji says, “Let your first expression be one of openness, warmth, and love, not suspicion. It’s God’s way — Welcome!”

Everything in your life is a reflection of your consciousness. The more you think and feel about love, the more it is your life.

Maria Shriver shared in her Sunday’s Paper, January 14th edition, “As we head into this election season, I invite you to lead with love and ask others to do the same. It takes tremendous inner strength and fortitude to do so. It requires parking your ego at the door. It requires intention and humility and might require you to change your mind about a thing or two. Only love can safely handle power.”
How do those words speak to you? To help you do your part in this divided nation?

Love is powerful.

Love in your mind produces love in your life.

Remember 2% more love can change your life, our world. Find small ways each day to bring in more love.

How can you let love lead your life?

Are You Living A Marginal Life?

At this time of year, it is common to assess or look at your life and decide what’s working and what’s not.

As you think about your life, what are your thoughts?

How was 2023 for you? Were you mostly doing all the things you love? Or, were you more on the end of I’ll just do like I’ve always done?

What are your intentions for 2024? To live your Highest and Best Life? Or, not willing to do much different?

Would you say you are living a great life or a marginal life?

I would say if you are living a marginal life, you have given in to being a victim. You have allowed something outside of yourself to take charge.

As Abraham-Hicks shares, “You cannot control circumstances. You never intended to control circumstances. You intended to discover unconditional love. You intended to discover a way to feel good, no matter what because you have the facility: you have the power: you have the ability to focus.”
I would say 2024 is the year for you to decide how you want your life to go. It’s time to decide to live in joy and be grateful for the life you have been given. For some, that will take a lot more effort. But it’s worth it.

If you could just think about each day and how you could add more joy or fun to your day, think of what an amazing life you’d have in 2024.

Too often, people think they need to make huge goals or shifts in their lives to make them meaningful. But the truth is that when you take charge and live in alignment with what you desire, you already feel good. You feel empowered like you are deciding rather than thinking it doesn’t matter.

Where in your life are you living marginally? Is it with your finances, relationships, or health? I know years ago, before my divorce, I never realized how much “work” it would take to have healthy, loving relationships. I just thought they happened. WRONG. Just like your career or having a car or house, there is work to be done.

Each of these areas becomes marginal when you fail to invest time, energy, and focus for what you desire.

One of the best ways to live more than a marginal life is to keep learning. In whatever way that serves you. For me, travel provides lots of learning, whether to learn about the different places we are going or, after our Antarctica and South America cruise in 2023, we decided to learn Spanish using Duolingo. I just passed my 300th day of practice. In our town, there is a new Senior Wellness Center. You can play games, do activities, or make connections with others.

Bo and I are invested in learning about longevity and how to live the healthiest we can in the years we have. He has been reading “Outlive – The Science & Art of Longevity” (Rethinking Medicine To Live Better Longer) by Peter Attia, MD.

Bo shared with me an example from the book about a lady who loved gardening and playing golf. In her 70s, she fell and quit doing the things she loved, which turned depression into dementia. Dr. Attia talks about how people accept this way of being instead of finding a way to live their lives doing what they love. His focus is on better models of medicine and wellness.

Are you willing to live a marginal life, or are you willing to seek something more for yourself?

How do you know what that is? What fills your life with joy, love, and meaning? Just like the lady above, she loved gardening and golf. How could she keep her focus on finding a way to keep those things in her life? I remember when I tore my hamstring off my bone and felt pretty hopeless about doing the things I love. But, I found a physical therapist whose first question to me was “What did I want to be able to do?” He explained that was what we needed to spend our time doing. Finding ways to get my body back to where it could move so I could hike, bike, and move all about. I was willing to do the work because I wanted to live, have fun, and enjoy my life.

Today, decide that you are going to live more than a marginal life. You are worth it.

Start by thinking how can I make this an exciting new year? How can it be an adventure? To better health, more fun, or more friends.

Think about what could be the most harmonizing thing I could to for my health.

What could create the most joy, peace, or fun for me today?

Or, do you need to find ways for more expansion in your life? What could that look like?

It’s okay if you don’t know how to get started. Just decide what you like and what feels good to you, and keep that focus. Ideas WILL show up for you. Follow the breadcrumbs and the ideas. Do what feels right to you. Some won’t, but many will. Just like our adventure with longevity. It’s crazy how many things have come before us.

As my January 2024 Science of Mind magazine says, “Give life to your goals.” Use your time and energy focused on what gives life to you and makes you feel most alive.
Widen your channels.

Are you ready to live vibrant, healthy, and abundant?

Think about Jon Gordon’s ONE WORD for the year and how that can give you focus and energy to move to a greater life. What is your ONE WORD? I mentioned mine was “Generous.” It has been neat to watch how it’s been helpful, whether with a financial decision or giving my time.

Decide you are ready to live out the rest of your life doing what you love and how you want to be.

Life showers you with what you need.

What do you need today to live more than a marginal life?

Life was meant to be fun and meaningful.

Go for it!

How Could You See That Things Could Happen For You?

As you step into 2024, how could you allow yourself to know that the Universe is for you this year?

The world outside is a reflection of what’s inside of you.

Seeing something different starts with your mindset, your attitude and your willingness to accept your part.

I’ve spent years dedicated to focusing on the good, the love I see around. It’s taken a concerted effort to keep returning to that space, that focus. I’m a work in progress. I see new levels and understanding of what good is and what love is.

The collective consciousness can pull you more to the darkness, the horrors in life.

Decide the Universe is showing you that you are ready for something different, if you are reading this message.

Pay attention to all that is happening for you, or as you might be thinking “to you.”

Notice all aspects of the emotions that you feel. Emotions are a good place to begin being aware of how you can see how the Universe is for you.

For instance, when you find yourself trapped in traffic, instead of frustration, can you stop and see maybe this is a way to help you slow down, breathe deeper and be present? Or, what do you need?

Be open to hearing what’s there for you at those moments.

Look for times you are in great joy or see something that brings a big smile to your face. How can you use those type of emotions to help you see how much you enjoy that in your life? And, you want more of it. Find things that bring that to you. See how the Universe is showering you with what you are asking and feeling.

Ask the Universe to help you see more of it. You might begin noticing how the wind feels on you as you walk, or you see someone helping someone in need. Life is full of joyful moments.

I know each time I have some body part that isn’t working fluidly, I am humbled even more. It takes me to greater appreciation and gratitude for all that I can do, all the freedom I have. Because my body does allow me to go freely and easily. Not everyone has that.

What are you being reminded of? Good and not so good?

This time of year is good to think about your vision for the year, for the months. What is the Universe wanting for you right now?

See how much that could help you focus on the life you want and desire.

The more you focus, and have energy in the direction of what you want, the more likely you will receive it. Too often you have more energy on what you don’t want – like the extra pounds or empty bank account. Shift and keep reminding yourself to focus on what you DO want.

Just know in your heart it will happen.

Do your part like feeling how great it would feel when it happens.

That’s the strongest and quickest way to receive what you desire. I remember when I was working on my Ph.D., it all seemed so impossible. Yet, I remember celebrating as I had fewer classes to complete, then none, only to write my dissertation. I came across a picture I have where I was spread out on the floor with papers, sound asleep, exhausted. How was that showing me how to pace myself? Showing me rest was important to the process, too.

The Universe is there for you.

How can a magical sunrise or sunset help remind you to see all of life’s beauty, in the simplicity and magic. Life happens without you forcing or pushing ahead. It’s there for you.

Realize how lucky you are when something in your house goes out. You can see that millions of other things are working so well without having to worry about it. Maybe the Universe saw it was time to wake you up so you could have more gratitude for all that is working for you.

Maybe you’d been on a pity party lately. Maybe it’s time to shift your thinking and ways of being to focus on how much life is giving you and is for you. You might be focusing too much on what’s not right rather than how blessed you are with all that does work.

I know it’s so easy when your body aches or there’s lots of turmoil in your life to focus your conversations and energy on complaining about being wronged, or life is bad. Yes, acknowledge what is happening. But don’t stay there or give it much attention.

What if you could shift your way of handling these types of situations to realizing they are WAKE-UP calls?

The Universe is for you.

Honor that there is work to be done. Don’t make it wrong or bad.

It’s time to pay attention to all in life that IS working. I know it’s not the way you were taught or that most people do life. But what I know for sure, is the more you focus on what is working for you, the more of that you receive.

The more gratitude and acceptance you can give for how things are happening for you, the more fulfilled your life becomes.

For years, I set goals and really worked them out. These days, I use Jon Gordon’s “One Word” to help me focus. Then, the Universe provides me many wanted and unwanted ways (in my eyes) to build that more into my life.

The word that popped up for me this week for 2024 was “Generous.”

Let 2024 be a year that you become more aware of how the Universe is working for you.

Catch yourself noticing when things pop up.


Ask for help if circumstances are overwhelming.

Focus more on what you DO want rather than on what you don’t want.

How can you see that things can happen for you?

Awareness is the first step to any shift. Begin noticing when great things happen for you and when things happen you wish wouldn’t.

Stop and go within. Ask how this is happening for me.

Open your heart more.

Let go of some pattern that is no longer working.

Time to be freer.

It’s fun to listen. See how life softens, empowers, or asks you to step more into your greatness.

Life is awakening you to the Highest and Greatest you.

Did you realize that the Universe is SO GENEROUS and wants to shower your life with abundance, love, and kindness?

Tap into the sacred part of you.

Let 2024 be an easier ride for you.

Be more willing.

Be more accepting.

Be more open.

Be your greatest receiver so that life is easy and flowing for you.

Where do you need a fresh start?

Happy New Year!

How Can Being Vigorous, Strong and Empowered Be Good For You?

As a new year approaches you, think about how empowering it can feel to take charge of creating the life you desire.

Feel how strong you can be by developing practices of exercising your body and a strong spiritual practice. You can begin anew by releasing resentments, negativity, and grudges. Whew, how light you’d feel. Take time to wonder why you are carrying that baggage. Why let that be part of your life today?

You have more to live for than that.

Be vigorous by choosing to spread your wings. Where could you open to something new that would bring great joy and satisfaction? One of my husband’s friends was telling me how he decided to be more sociable. Not be so isolated and lonely. He is stepping out of his comfort zone for his well-being. He is having a New Year’s Eve Party.

How can you choose to be vigorous, strong, and empowered?

As Abraham-Hicks says, “We’re asking you to trust in the Well-being. In optimism, there is magic. In pessimism, there is nothing. In positive expectation, there is thrill and success. In pessimism or awareness of what is not wanted, there is nothing. What you’re wanting to do is redefine your relationship with the Stream. We do not ask you to look at something that is black and call it white. We do not ask you to see something that is not as you want it to be and pretend that it is. What we ask you to do is practice moving your gaze. Practice changing your perspective. Practice talking to different people. Practice going to new places. Practice sifting through the data for the things that feel like you want to feel and using those things to cause you to feel a familiar place. In other words, we want you to feel familiar in your joy. Familiar in your positive expectation, familiar in your knowing that all is well because this Universe will knock itself out giving you evidence of that Well-being once you find that place.”

Your inner world is reflecting your outer world. What are you seeing?

Decide you are worth doing some investigating, some inner reflections about what you really want and what you are willing to do to make those things happen.

I know for too many the vision of aging is someone weak and feeble. I don’t know where you are on that spectrum, but what you are thinking is creating your tomorrow.

Yes, it takes work to overcome the natural losses.

Think vigorous, strong, and empowered.

You have approximately 60,000 thoughts in a day. Your thoughts matter.

John-Roger, DSS says it great, “We must consciously watch what we think about and the energy that we put into our thoughts. We must watch the things that we allow to cycle and re-cycle through our minds. Watchfulness brings liberty. Liberty brings greater freedom. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. If you put off being watchful until tomorrow, you put off your freedom until tomorrow.”

Begin this new year investing in your well-being.

Ask yourself – “How could I be vigorous?” What pops up for you?

Is that in movement?

Is that in how you approach life? More vitality, more purpose.

Is that in how you stand up for yourself and take time for yourself? Showing you matter in this lifetime.

As you think about strong being good for you. What is there for you?

Strong in your words, actions and deeds? You live by your principles and core values.

Strong in taking the best care ever of your temple, your body.
You work on building muscle mass – even 2% more.

Strong in your connections – your Higher Power, friends, and family.

Finally, how could you feel more empowered?

Could that be that you trust and honor yourself more?

Could that be you speak up for yourself and ideas more? The world needs more feminine energy swirling around.

Could that be you find a way to be of greater service in a way that thrills your soul? Not depleting of another thing to do.

Life is calling you to show up in a bigger way. You were created in the image and likeness of God.

Decide that now is the time to be the greatest version of yourself by being vigorous, strong, and empowered.

Are You Expanding or Contracting More In Your Life?

Do you realize that each decision you are making is moving you more towards expansion or contraction? Think about that.

Think about the thousands of decisions you make in a day. Which direction are you going?

Are you happier than you ever dreamed of?

Are you espousing lots of gratitude for the blessed life you are living?

Are you more in wellness or illness? Notice how you are feeling and what you are telling others.

Where are you with expansion and contraction in your life?

What feels right about expanding?

I believe the ultimate goal is to live from love. Loving your life, loving yourself, loving others, loving what is.

Ask yourself, “How can I love more?” “How can I do more to serve and care about others?”

Be love.

Love in your thoughts, words, and deeds.

Focus on the ways love is showing up for you.

As The Course of Miracles says, Everything is love or a call to love.

Love is expanding. Fear is contracting.

I know for me, this has been a huge awareness and growth. I lived more from fear and doing. Fear – Was I doing it right? Who was I disappointing? What will they say? On and on.

Nowadays, I’m aware of what I am doing or have done. I notice when it doesn’t feel good. I’m willing to dig into that. I’m more willing to forgive my transgressions. I’m open to listening to what’s going on, what pattern is there, and what’s needed to shift this way of being. Just like one of my husband’s friends was in a quandary. He was acting strange around one of their friends and had been for a while. He realized how uncomfortable this was making him. He chose to do something different because he didn’t like this contracted feeling. After he did, he felt happy and relieved. Expansive.

Pay attention to the contractions in your life. If you are like most people, quite a bit of your life is played out here. What if you decided to shift that? Simple ways.

How much of your day and life are spent in contraction? Resistance? Judgment? Wishing it wasn’t this way or that?

Where are you spending lots of energy protecting yourself and reacting to life?

Do you know that when you feel contractions, it is affecting your body? You are holding, constricting the flow in your body. Stress, outrage, and being upset are all ways you are contracting and affecting your body.

Are you willing to release these old ways and patterns so that something greater can come into your life?

Are you ready to move out of some of the contraction in your life?

The other day, my calendar quote was, “I no longer need any negative drama in my life. I choose only good experiences from now on.” How does that resonate with you?

Are you willing to catch yourself when that negative drama and conversations begin?

Do you realize you have a choice?

Begin noticing all the ways you are contracting in your life. Awareness is the first step to change. Your health will thank you. Your spirit will be grateful. Others around you will thank you for not being so grumpy and negative.

Where are you with living in expansion? Notice the peace, joy, and childlike behaviors you are feeling. I have some of those MacKenzie-Childs Christmas reindeer. I LOVE them. I giggle nearly every time I pass them.

Are You Expanding or Contracting More In Your Life?

Begin today thinking and perceiving more goodness and kindness.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “If you will let your dominant intention be to revise and improve the content of the story you tell every day of your life, it is our absolute promise to you that your life will become that ever-improving story. For by the powerful Law of Attraction—the essence of that which is like unto itself is drawn—it must be!”

Start breathing deeper into your body, down to your belly. Reach your arms high into the air and ask for the highest white light be brought down through your body to every cell and atom. Breathe into that. Open up channels. That’s expansion.

Choose simple mantras to remind you – like “Something amazing is going to happen today.” See what shows up for you. Does someone call you? Or does another hawk come swirling by? Smile, be thankful.

Notice the ways your choices are in expansion or contractions with your:

Physical Being – Are you listening to what your body is telling you?

Emotional Being – Are you paying attention to your feelings and emotions? Or stuffing them?

Mental Being – How kind are you to yourself? Are you holding grudges or resentments? Is your world full of judgment?

Know that you won’t always behave in the most open and expansive way. But be willing to release the contractions by 2% more today and tomorrow. You can release the holds and open up to a whole new way of being.

Life is lighter and brighter when you open to expansion. As my pilates teacher is always telling us, “Open up your collarbone as if it were smiling big.” Just the words feel good, but also your chest and body do too.

How can you be more open today? Whether with your body, mind, or spirit?

Let 2024 be an expansion for you.

Allow yourself to be lighter, kinder, and more loving.

Stay open to life.

Each moment is offering you an opportunity to expand. Are you up for it?