Life is in need of more love and more kindness.

As you think about your life and the world around you, where is there a need that you could be a blessing?

You have special gifts and talents. There are many needs around you. Find how the two can merge. Sometimes, you don’t realize all you have to share.

Think about the birds and their morning songs. How delightful it is to begin your day listening to their songs.

How can you go out on this day and share your wealth your blessings? Remember, The Course of Miracles reminds you, “I am as God created me.” You have something special that wants to be shared. Is it listening, sharing your vision, or making someone’s day?

Remember the saying, “What would love have you do?” How could you use that as you think about all the blessings you could bestow today?

In our local newspaper this week, there was a calling for people interested in being involved in Norman’s Peace Team. The mission is to create habits and skills for nonviolence in our community. They want people who will train, speak, or be involved with justice groups. Is that something you could bless others with?

There are opportunities all around you to find ways to be a blessing for someone. For example, in one of my exercise classes, one of the men had difficulty getting up off the floor after our cool-down. A lady came over with a chair to help him up. He was grateful, and she was honored to help.

How can you be a blessing?

Be on the lookout for blessings. What have you found? Do you see a purpose and see how valuable you can be?

I have a little prayer I recite each day to remind me to be a blessing that is from The Course,

“I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent Him who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do because He Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.”

How can being a blessing to others enrich your life?

Each day, text out 3 blessings that you shared. Spread the joy. Not to brag but to let others see the possibilities. To encourage others to reach out to others.

Remember, loneliness is an epidemic right now. Who could you call, visit, or reach out to let them know you are thinking of them? Can you take them to lunch? Listen? Write a note or send a card?

Whom can you encourage?

What have you gone through or experienced that you could be a support or voice for another or others?

The more your focus is on blessings, the more you will notice. A crazy one came to me as I was searching for new exercise classes. I walked into this class and felt myself feeling arrogant, like, what am I doing here? I can do more than what this is offering. Then, my vision of being a blessing came to me. Wake up. This situation was showing me how I need to bring arrogance to the light so I can be more loving, more of a light, and more of a blessing. The sweetest lady approached me and asked me if I was new, sharing what I would need for the class. She was a blessing to me as I felt out of place. Taking the class helped me be more in tune with my body because it was way different than what I usually choose. What a blessing this situation was to me in a variety of ways. Physically, emotionally, and beingly.

Life is for you.

Life is full circle. What you focus on, you receive more of. What you give, you receive.

Today, go out and look for ways to be a blessing. Notice how good and fulfilled you feel.

What Guides You Each Day?

What you focus on, you receive.

Who are you today and every day? Who are you BEING?

Decide to feel empowered with your life and life’s happenings.

Can you show up as the Goddess you are?

How free are you? Realize the beliefs and thoughts that are controlling your choices and ways of being. One of my friends sent me an opportunity to join a 21-day Belly Dance Challenge that she was doing. At first, I had all these judgments about it, lots of resistance. This reminded me that maybe this was something I could participate in – even though WAY OUT of my comfort zone. I joined it. I even got a little skirt to make it more fun. Absolutely hilarious.

Can you move your head side to side, back and forth, without moving other parts? Your arms flow from your shoulder to elbows, hands to fingers, and back up again. Then, alternate from one side to the other. Change the rhythm. Whew. It’s really, really good to lighten things up, to have fun rather than think I need to do it right. (No way with that!)

What guides you?

Is it your mind? How about your heart?

I’ve been focusing more on being goodness and light. Intending to lead more with my heart, compassion, and kindness. It takes work at times, and I surely like it when I’ve been given a reminder or two to get back on track, just like playing with my belly dancing. Oh, the judgments run rampant.

Where on a pendulum are you with negativity or positive happenings? Is that 70% negativity? Hopelessness? Victim? Or, are you living with a more positive attitude about life and your life?

How can you choose the direction of your life? The inner guidance?
Is it habit and routine?

Is the need to be right a priority?

What are you following?

Is it God? Notice if you trust enough to place your future in the hands of God? Are you looking for the light of the Holy Spirit? Or does fear guide you more?

Are you allowing Truth to guide you? How much news and social media are controlling your life?

Is it whim?

Are you conscious of what guides you each day?

A morning routine I have used for years now is to ask myself, “What would I like to experience today?” It reminds me that I AM in charge of my day and my life. I can decide how my day will go – even with interruptions in life. The more clarity and focus I have on what I desire, the more likely I will remind myself to get back on track when I see I’ve let life guide me rather than my intentions.

How much do you believe life is for you, and that is guiding your life? No matter what is happening. It’s easy to believe that when life is rolling along. But where do you travel when things you weren’t expecting happen. On my daughter’s birthday this week, she and her girlfriend were doing an early morning walk before work. This couple, with 3 dogs leased, came walking by. The standard poodle attacked my daughter and bit her. Luckily, she protected herself with her arms, and that’s where the infliction happened rather than her face. What a shock and disruption.

How do you recover and wonder how life is for you? It takes focus on what you believe guides your life.

As David Hawkins says, “Conflict exists in the mind of the observer and not in that which is observed.”

Think about how you could shift your life by YOU being in charge of how you want your life to go.

Not by chance.

Not by letting days go by without consciously creating them.

You are spiritual being. How could you redefine how your life will be by believing in those holy words?

Ask yourself each day, “What is guiding my life today?”

Follow your Highest Self.

How Can Fall Benefit You?

A good way to keep your life evolving is to use the natural rhythms of life.

Fall is upon us. How can this time of year help renew you?

The weather cools down and allows you to be in nature more.

The weather cools down and allows you to be in nature more.

Trees and plants are changing colors, and leaves are falling. How can you shed and bring new colors to your life?

Does football season allow you to connect more with others? Do you feel more camaraderie? Do you have a sense of belonging? Loneliness is an epidemic. Can you reach out to others?

People often like the routine that fall brings. School is back in session. For years, the school calendar ruled my life. Nowadays, life is more about what we can plan. Fall can be better in the RV because it’s not so hot during the day to affect our outdoor plans.

Fall symbolizes abundance and harvest. How can you stop and savor ALL the abundance in your life, whether that’s friendships, health, or wealth?

Why is fall magical for you? Use it to enlighten your life. Use the crunch of the leaves to awaken you to listen more and feel more.

Fall brings shedding. What in your life needs to shed? Think about how you can lighten your load whether physically around your house, whether mental thoughts that can be weighing you down, or whether it is emotional things you are carrying from your past that no longer serve you.

Let this fall remind you there is a season or reason for everything. You weren’t meant to hold on to things. That’s why they can be called burdens.

Fall is to remind you about change. Let that change be wonderful. It’s freeing and light. Like the leaves, things can fall away without hurt or trauma. Leave the stories off. Enjoy the process of letting go.

Autumn can be the season of peace. How can that benefit you where you are right now?

Just think of the word peace and see how you can integrate in your life this fall.

I read that a survey showed people were happier in the fall. Is this true for you? Allow you to cherish this time, then. Allow it to open you in new ways. Ride that happiness.

I love the fall but also resist how I am losing light. I love the long days and nights of light. I’m an early morning person, so I love getting up and getting outside early to do my walks. I’m not as comfortable walking in the dark, so my schedule feels disrupted.

Notice where in your life you might be resisting. How, instead, can you focus more on how fall is benefiting you?

Embrace this time of year.

Think of all the ways it can benefit you, wake you up, and create more peace and relaxation in your life.

It’s All About How You Are Doing On The Inside

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being feeling great, where would you rate how you feel on the inside right now?

Think of the pressures you might be feeling.  What is happening inside of you?  

Are you hearing voices telling you that it should be done this way?  

Who do you think you need to be? Who are you being?

Are you feeling you never have enough time?  What’s underneath that?  Do you feel important more valued from being so busy?

What are the messages and loops you have running?

Your thoughts control your life.  

As Abraham-Hicks says, Everything you do is so you will feel good.  

Think about how you skirt issues you don’t want to talk about.

Think about how quickly you run to take medicine if you feel bad.

Think about how you justify things in your life, even if it doesn’t feel good.

You are trying to control life from the outside.  

How can you quiet that chatter inside?  By becoming aware, by meditating, and by being honest with yourself. 

You don’t have to be anyone but who you truly are.

Notice if you are identifying with the circumstances or if you are observing it.   The more you can stop and notice what is happening, the more in charge of your life.  When you become part of the chaos, the dialogue runs rampant.  For instance, if someone says something that upsets you.  Watch and see if you can’t wait to tell all kinds of people about what just happened.  Or, can you notice what really upsets me?  The first example you are trying to deal with it from the outside.  The second one is where you notice what happened to you, which you are handling within.  

The more you can observe or be aware of what is happening, allows life to be easier.  You aren’t making others wrong; you aren’t judging yourself.  

You are noticing life.  You find out what is right for you. You are noticing what is happening, not adding a story to it. The facts.  The Truth.

It’s never about the other person.  They are mirroring something going on inside of you.  If you are triggered, it’s something that needs your attention and needs to be healed.  INSIDE.  

Watch what you are putting in your mind.  Have you cleaned up your environment so that what you are reading or listening to ensures it is inspirational or aspirational to your being?  

The more you can let go of any stories about situations you are involved in, the more peaceful and calm you life can be.  

As Einstein says, You never solve a problem on the same level it was created.  

Allow yourself to notice how you are trying to fix or solve whatever might be happening in your life.  Notice if you are staying with the problem or if you are really ready for a solution.  Sometimes, you have to rant for a bit.  Catch yourself.  

Decide peace and joy are more important to your health and well-being.  

Realize everything is happening for you.  For you to become more of the loving, compassionate person you are.  

Life is meant to be lived inside out.  

As an impulsive person, I know well how much easier life is when you go within rather than spout from reactions.  Fewer regrets and spiraling dialogue with terrible rhetoric.  

Today is a new day.  Begin watching how you are handling life.  The first step to change is becoming aware of how you are doing in life.  

Watch your patterns rather than continue them.  Question whether they are serving you today.  

Patterns helped you live the life you are now living.  Many are outdated.  The more you can stop and question, the easier it will be to change the rules you have used for your life.  

The more you can go inside, the easier your life will flow.  As Abraham-Hicks says, “Start taking pleasure from your inner reality. Most people are approaching this backward. Most people say, “Okay, I want that, and I am not fulfilled until I get that manifestation.” The reason for that promise of manifestation out there, to begin with, is that it gives you a reason to play the game in the inner reality. It is your imagination; the feeling of energy flowing through you is life.”

You are the creator of your life.  

You have a choice.  Go within.

How are you doing on the inside?  That’s the evidence you need for how your life is going.

Did You Know That Shame Is One Of The Darkest Energies You Carry?

I would venture to say that if you feel life is hard, somewhere inside of you shame is controlling your ways.

Shame is at the bottom of the energies passing through life.

If you are carrying much shame, you are often stuck and feeling helpless and hopeless. You probably define your life as miserable because shame does feel miserable.

What if instead of holding on to all you feel shameful about, you took some time to be with it? I know it can feel painful but not as heavy as carrying it with you every day. Think of the shame as a suitcase you have been carrying around for decades.

No wonder you are tired and worn out.

The problem is that many people have stuffed the shame so deep, it’s hard to know the origins or the cause. It has multiplied, probably exponentially, if it hasn’t been looked at.

The interesting thing about life, you will continue to receive the lessons you need until you heal what’s there, like the shame you are holding.

Stop and take a moment to think about things you might be shameful of in your past. The way you treat people, the things you do. I know for me, my divorce created layers and layers of shame. Great density and darkness. Shameful I couldn’t hold a marriage together, shameful for the pain I caused my kids and others. Shameful for the image of all that. For years and years, I thought I was the most horrible person. I didn’t see life as I do today.

Shame is hard stuff.

Remember, the past has happened. You can’t control what has happened.

You CAN control your thoughts about it.

You CAN control how you speak to yourself.

You CAN control what you give your energy to.

You CAN decide to open up to what you are feeling about it.

You CAN decide to ask for guidance to heal whatever transpired.

You CAN decide to forgive yourself and others.

The mindset one uses to look at life creates either greater density and negativity or opens you to life as an opportunity to be more.

Mistakes or situations we did and aren’t proud of don’t have to be lifetime curses.

Transformation or transmutation can happen as soon as you are ready and open to see what might be there FOR YOU.

Could you reflect on your shame and see how that situation might be trying to help you expand in some way?

Life is meant to flow as you grow.

What would it take to be easy and loving about yourself as you overcome the shame you are carrying?

If you have the courage and fortitude to release some of the layers of shame you are carrying, ask questions like:

“Am I identifying with this, or am I watching this?”

“Am I willing to release judgment so something higher can show up for me?”

“What else is possible?”

“What would it take to live in Higher Energy, Universal Life Force?”

Commit to inner honesty. Nobody can feel or know what you have thought and been carrying because of the shame you created. It is yours to release.

Shame is heavy. It keeps you closed off. It keeps more light from being in your life.

Decide today that you will be courageous and sit with something you have felt shameful about. Open to the feelings of love. Open your heart. Begin with forgiving yourself. Ask higher questions and open-ended questions that can guide you on how this situation could serve you to be a happier and more peaceful you. Believe you can see the situation in a new light.

Today is a new day. Lighten your load.

Your thoughts create the density; your thoughts can release you.

Shame is not meant to be carried; it is to awaken you to new possibilities.

Can You Stop And Think About What You Are Choosing?

One of my missions in life is to awaken others to their most extraordinary life. For me, that is to live healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled.

What is the focus of your life as you make your decisions and choices?

I know, as Michael Singer says, “The quieter the mind, the more that solutions become evident.”

I know how freeing and blissful life is when you realize you are the master of your fate as you follow the breadcrumbs. I also know how hard the journey can be at times. But it is well worth the challenges faced.

Life is meant to be experienced how you desire. Yet, simultaneously, life throws all kinds of options at you, like a buffet. There are numerous choices for you to make. Some repercussions from your choices.

You have to know what your purpose or desire is.
You must be clear so you can see it manifest.

But, the more you stop and think about your choice, the easier and more fruitful the path to your desires.

As Abraham Hicks shares, “As you look for a better-feeling way to approach whatever you are giving your attention to, as you continue to ask yourself from your ever-changing vantage point, “What is it that I do want?”… Eventually, you will be standing in a very pleasing place—for you cannot continually ask yourself what you want without your point of attraction beginning to pivot in that direction. The process will be gradual, but your continued application of the process will yield wonderful results in only a few days.”

You have to become conscious of what you are choosing. Over and over and over again.

It’s all day, every day, you are making choices, creating your tomorrows. Far too many people feel like victims and think they don’t have choices.

Some like it that way so they can blame someone else.

I remember that so well when I became a principal. I worked with a principal who was a master at empowering her staff. So that is what I know you did. I thought one of my roles was to allow the teachers to be part of the decision-making. They were the masters in their trade. I realized quickly that for too many, taking responsibility would be more than what they wanted; it was easier to blame and say, “You told me so.” Or complain to others about the boss. Life changes to your intentions.

It was a great lesson for me because not everyone is ready to awaken to their greatest life.

But it all begins with stopping and questioning why you are doing what you are doing.

Ask questions like –

How is my heart feeling right now?
Does this make sense?
What am I protecting from this thought, situation, or action?


If you have doubt, your inner being asks you to get more curious. Ask for more guidance on what feels right.

Go on the premise of – what if you do have another choice?

Your mind keeps you limited on what you think is possible. Go deeper. Listen.

Notice if you feel heard, seen, or valued by what you hear or choose to do. Make sure the connection is healthy. Stay focused on YOUR mission in life. I know one of the things we learned in schools is that children belong to gangs because they want to feel valued, seen, and heard. We all want to be validated.

Are your choices based on wanting to belong or be committed to your Highest Self?

Make sure whatever you are involved with is making you feel better. If not, it’s time to choose again.

Think about simple reflections by asking yourself if what you are about to choose IS GOOD FOR YOU. Does it add to your health, your joy, and your beingness? It’s not always easy because habit and past knowing takes over.

Stopping and making sure you feel good about your choices is one of the best ways to know you are making decisions that lead you to a healthier life more aligned with who you are meant to be.

Freedom, peace, and love come from living your highest goodness.

What is that for you? Your choices matter.

Are You Loving Up On Retirement?

Life is funny.

You hear people over and over talk about how they can’t wait until they retire. And, then when they do reach that age, the storyline continues about how they can’t do what they want.

Why is that?

Too often people have not prepared themselves for this phase of life. Bo and I are continually talking about how much discipline you need in your 40s to make retirement all you think it can be. You hear people talk about financial planning. In addition to looking at the money, you need to begin physically taking care of yourself. Your choices in your early ages affect your total health and enjoyment in retirement.

I remember wondering why all I ever hear old people talk about is their health. Now I know.

You can’t be loving up on retirement if you don’t have the health to enjoy it.

Ponder why you are thinking about the joys of retirement. Wonder why you can’t live that in the phase you are in now. Or, at least parts of it.

Too many people are putting off living today for tomorrow, and then, tomorrow never comes.

Listen to what you are telling others about retirement.

Is it the freedom to do what you want?

Is it the time to do whatever you like?

Is it having fewer responsibilities?

Is it having more fun?

Is it having less on the calendar?

Whatever you are saying, take note. Begin doing that now.

Are you living out the perfect days of retirement you imagined? Why not? How could you begin shifting that?

Retirement is grand if you have planned well for it. If you have the money, time and health to live out the dreams you have longed for.

Retirement can be the end of living too.

Where are you on the spectrum of loving up on retirement?

There are phases of retirement.

For anyone whose life and value was based on their career, it’s a hard transition to let go of that. Your identity was your job.

You realize how much of your life was based on what you did. Now what? When that is gone? It’s why it’s important to find a sense of purpose bigger than a job or career.

Part of the value was being busy and scheduled all the time. Now that you don’t have that to go to each day, what are you doing with your time? What’s the chatter in your head? Are you losing value and purpose each day? Are you feeling unworthy?

Lots of depression can happen when you haven’t continued a purpose.

I know when I retired from 30 years in education, I couldn’t wait to begin my new coaching business. All I could think about was building it and making it my life. I thought I needed to keep that pace and that compulsive drive going. I didn’t know anything else. But, as grandkids came, my focus began changing. I wanted time with them. Then, as Bo sold his business and we began traveling more, my priorities changed and I transitioned to a new phase in retirement. I wanted to enjoy life more, rather than do more. I wanted more freedom and fun. More spontaneity. Less structure and commitments. More peace and joy.

So when you first retire, you take all your ways of being with you. You don’t change overnight.

You take YOU with you wherever you go.

It’s important that you define what you want retirement to be, and then create that. Inside and outside of you.

Is life meant to put off everything you think you want until you retire? And, what if you don’t make it? What regrets do you have? What if you haven’t taken care of your health and you can’t get around? What if you haven’t planned financially for how much it costs when you aren’t replenishing that income each month?

It’s sad for me to see how many of my peers aren’t living life.

More of the conversations are people talking about all their ailments rather than all the fun, freedom and time to enjoy life that retirement has given them.

They have forgotten purpose and given in to life passing them by.

Lots of fears driving their choices.

Sure, it is a reality that you have a given amount of money.

Sure, it is a reality that you will die. But, can you live while you are here?

Sure, it’s a reality aging isn’t for sissies.

Take charge of living your life.

What could you do now so you can begin loving up on retirement? Whether that is planning for it, reimagining what could be possible, or allowing this message to be a reminder to kick you into greater action.

Live your life regret free so that when that times come, you will have given it your all.

Retirement is meant to be a blessing for all you have given to life.

Are You Awakening Each Morning Feeling Prosperous and Blessed?

How are you starting your day?

Look around the room you are in.

Does it make you come alive?

Notice the different items. Do you feel prosperous and blessed as you think about them? Do they bring you great joy? Are they 10s?

If not, it’s time to make some changes. The world around you affects you. Like in my study, I have many pictures of my family and quotes. I have this bright pink lantern we got when we were in Vietnam; great memories. I have my incest that I love smelling.

I am blessed and prosperous. My rooms show it. They show it because I am surrounded by things that bring joy and smiles to my face and being.

I get to plan my life. I get to do things I love to do. I get to be with people I love.
How can you awaken each day so you can feel prosperous and blessed?

As John-Rogers, DSS says,

“Some people go inside and do spiritual exercises: their mind and emotions unlock, and they start this free flow of upward energy (or maybe the energy comes down and pulls them up).” They start to realize, “God loves and cares that I exists.”

Start your day with 10 ways you are grateful.

Love yourself enough to take excellent care of your body so your journey on earth is easier. Think about how you can care for your body – move, laugh, eat, and be kinder with your thoughts.

I guess one of the gifts of aging is that it truly brings you to your knees about how blessed you are to have another day. I feel so prosperous with good health, great friends and family, and lots of freedom.
One of my daily quotes says, “I view Life as a joyous dance.” Doesn’t it make you want to move, get up and shake around? Well, at least bring a smile to your face to feel prosperous.

Begin taking the time each morning to notice how prosperous and blessed you are.

Did you know by the time most people begin their day, their light bulb is almost completely burnt out before they get out the door? So you must consciously decide how you can bring more light and prosperity to you.

Be aware of how you resist life – fighting for your limitations rather than allowing life to flow through you. The more you let go of resistance, the more prosperous you feel. You can see how life IS giving you what you desire and need.

Life is for you.

Maybe trying to help you relax and enjoy more.

Maybe trying to open you to more possibilities.

Maybe trying to show you how you ARE blessed, even though, maybe at the moment, it doesn’t feel like it.

Find ways to enjoy life more. Be curious, explore, and become more aware of all the goodness around you.

What new routines, thoughts, or beliefs can you add that will exponentially create a more blessed life? Is it meditation, not looking at your phone until after a certain time, getting out for a morning walk, or reading things that uplift your life?

You are creating your life.

Decide to create a life of prosperity and gratitude. It feels good.

Fill your world with joy, and you will notice how blessed and prosperous you are.

Joy is a game-changer. If the only thing you did was find more ways to add joy to your life, you will have a world full of abundance in every aspect of your life.

What do you need to change the way you begin your day?

How can you awaken each morning feeling prosperous and blessed?

What Darkness In You Needs To Be Brought To The Light?

You have the ability to live the greatest life you can imagine if you are willing to be all you were meant to be.

Think about your life as a work of art.

Are you willing to stand in how great you are?

Too often, most of us have been taught you are too cocky or arrogant if you stand in your power and your goodness.

You were made in the goodness and likeness of God.

Wherever you don’t believe that is possible for you is holding you back.

Think about the shame and guilt you are holding on to. Somewhere you believe something about you or what you have done is too bad for forgiveness or transformation.

Think about where you hold back in celebrating yourself. When something “good” happens to you or for you, note how you respond. Do you feel you really shouldn’t share that with others? Allow yourself to celebrate you.

As Joseph Campbell says, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Who is that? Take time to discover that.

Wherever you don’t feel freedom or peace in your life, some darkness could be ready for you to bring to the light.

What might that be for you?

Richard Bach says, “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you.”

Where are the “problems” for you? Notice where you are struggling or hiding something. Instead of running from those situations, how could you allow them to open you to your greatest Self by discovering what’s trying to be revealed?

Know and believe that life is meant to be good and fun beyond the darkness that happens in your life. Let that give you hope to work through the pain rather than keep it down.

Remember, there is no order of difficulty with the Universe’s support. Ask for guidance, and gather this partner.

Darkness will control your life. You will do everything you can to cover it up or run from it. Like when you don’t feel good enough. You will overwork, obsess over things to prove your worth.

There’s an easier way to live life. Take time to be with the pain, the darkness. Ask what it is wanting to show you. Like my overachiever, trying to be good enough. Like the shame and guilt, I felt from divorce.

Facing the darkness opens you up to more. To a kinder, more loving version of you. I know well that I moved from much judgment to greater acceptance and compassion for myself and others.

It’s crazy the peace and joy I feel. I’m not working against myself. I’m honoring and valuing myself.

Growing from the darkness has been a journey, but well worth it with how I live today.

What darkness in you is waiting to be transmuted to light?

How Are You Seeing Beauty In All

Beauty is all around.

People have said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

What are you seeing? Where is your focus?

Can you imagine your world if you kept beauty as your focus?

How Are You Seeing Beauty In All

Think about what you would be manifesting.

Think about how your world would unfold.

Your thoughts and intentions are creating the life you are living.

There is always beauty to see.

As Rollo May says, “Beauty is the experience that gives us a sense of joy and a sense of peace simultaneously.”

Beauty matters to me. It is one of my core values. Whether a situation is bad or good, I quickly find a way to find the “good.” Like on a bike ride this weekend, the winds blew like a gale. Pushing to move my bike through it and keeping my attention on the struggle, all of a sudden, I saw this group of beautiful red flowers along the road and, shortly thereafter, a patch of purple ones. Both different types of flowers I don’t know. It was magical. The beauty changed my energy changed my focus. It’s powerful when you realize the magic of beauty.

See with new eyes. Notice where you are judging or are uncomfortable with a situation. How could you find the beauty in it?

Just think about catastrophes. Notice how goodness comes out. Notice how much giving shows up. It feels like the best in people show up to help.

Could these horrible situations be wake-up calls for you to see the beauty in humankind?

Could it be a wake-up call to remind you to live more from your heart than judgment?

Today, as you walk or go about your day, find the beauty all around you. What sparks your aha?

Go room to room in your house; what stands out as beautiful?

See the people around you with new eyes. What beauty are you seeing?

What you focus on, you receive more of.

Realize how your life is lifted as you lead by seeing the beauty in all.

Take time to retrain your mind to see the beauty in all.

Your life will be lifted to a new consciousness.